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2015 Perris Speedway

Perris Raceway
Burton Road
Perris, California

Perris Spring Classic
Perris Raceway April 11, 2015
By: Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net

Results from Perris and are Continued Below...

  Dorcey Wingo Photos  
2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway
250cc action. Sebastian Palmese, enjoying the fast track. Sorry Bob Tocco, no shoes, shirt, no Jawa!
2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway
150cc Main Event. Lightning Luke Whitcomb, bringing home the bacon. The Sidecars have been missed!
2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway
Travis Horn beat the Pees Wees, one and all. "Mad" Max Ruml tries out his little brothers brand new Jawa. What could possibly go wrong?! Jeff Rowe and Ashley Gibbons make it look easy.
2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway
122 Nathan Siegal (inside) holds off #155 Mike Dalbey. #2 Motis/Bennett took home the Sidecar Main 1st Place trophy. #10 Gage Geist stumbles upon a slick spot in turn three....
2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway
#45 Braydan Galvin tests the turn three turf as #4 Broc Nicol negotiates the inside line. Galvin would triumph in the Trophy Dash. Scratch Main Event.
2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway
Gage Geist, a 15-year-old Speedway Star! Handicap Main, several more riders behind these two.... It's the Leedy and Green Show again, for 2nd and 3rd place.
2015 Perris Speedway 2015 Perris Speedway  
Some great racing in 1st Division: i.e. Braydan Galvin (left) and Broc Nicol. Broc Nicol (looking quite Professional) wins the Handicap Main.  

Perris Raceway, California, April 11, 2015

Young Guns Gage Geist and Broc Nicol won the two big Main Events at the Perris Raceway Spring Classic on April 11th.

By popular demand, the traditional 'Old Skool' American race format of Handicap Scratch racing, with sudden death heats, semi finals and finals was employed. An entertaining nights racing was well received. The first 40 minutes of the show was dedicated to the Support and Youth Classes, then after track prep, the main portion of the show starring 1st division, Sidecars and Main events for the Support and Youth Divisions ran very smoothly in just over two hours.

Eighteen riders were on the first Division portion of the show. Handicap racing, featuring 6 riders per heat over 5 laps and staggered based on ability, once more served up some incredible races. Heat one went to Broc Nicol, who passed the entire field from the 50 yard line. Braydan Galvin followed him home but eventual Scratch winner Gage Geist fell and did not transfer. Dryden Gayle, from the 20 yard line, impressed to win heat 2 from Hayley Perrault, Russell Green from the 50 passing Dalton Leedy on the line for third. Dillon Ruml, from 30 yards, passed the entire field and stormed away to win heat 3.

Nicol led home Galvin to win semi #1, with Russell Green making the final transfer. Ruml once more was the victor in semi 2, leading home Leedy and Joey Donaldson to make the Main, but disaster struck after the race when his engine blew and his night was over early. The Main event was the finale to the nights racing. Braydan Galvin and Leedy, from the 30, passed Donaldson who started on the 20 going into turn 1, but Galvin held the lead. The charging Nicol was soon on Galvin's tail and made a move going into turn 3 on lap 3. Galvin fell under the pressure and brought out a red flag. The 3 lap restart was lined up with positions at the end of lap 2, Nicol easing to win with Green making the last lap pass on Leedy for 2nd.

In Scratch racing, the heats went to Nicol, Mike Dalbey (who beat Nathan Siegel and Ricky Richards in one of the closest races of the night), Geist and Green. Semi final one went to Nicol, Dalbey crashed on the run in to the chequered, gifting Leedy 2nd place. In semi final #2 fifteen year old Geist, the protege of double world champion Bruce Penhall, got a spectacular gate and led home Green. The last chance race gave female rider Hayley Perrault a popular win and put her in the Main Event.

The Main was a truly epic battle, Geist once more had an electric gate and led Nicol coming out of turn 2. Nicol was all over Geist for 2 laps and could not find a way by before making a mistake and losing ground. Nicol did not give up and chased again but Geist was smooth and held on to win. Green was third, Perrault fourth.

The non qualifiers from the Scratch heats competed in a Trophy Dash. Braydan Galvin and Rudy Laurer won the semis before Galvin rode a stellar Main event to win by a big margin.

The Support Class featured 9 riders who competed in 2 heats each before the Main and Consi. Damon Barry gave a master class to win both of his heats, with the other two going to Bentley Barrett and Ron Davis. However, it was comeback rider David Lynch who won the Main event. Luck was on his side somewhat as Lynch had been passed on the back straight of the last lap by Ron Davis, but red flags came out after Barry and Steve Brown tangled, so the race was awarded based on positions at the end of the last completed lap.

The Sidecars had 8 entries and they once more delivered a fabulous show. National Champions Bryan Motis and Josh Bennett were unbeaten, winning two heats and the Main Event after making a daring pass on Dual Anderson and Vinny Madagan. The other heats were won by Jeff Rowe and Ashley Gibbons and 7 time National Champion Joe Jones with new passenger Tom Summers. The Consi was won by Jeff Medberry and Niki Davis.

In 250cc Juniors Sebastian Palmese was once more undefeated. The 150cc Mini Class saw Dakota Shockley win heat 1 with Luke Whitcomb winning heat 2 and the Main. Travis Horn dominated the Pee Wee Class with Jose Navarrete winning heat 2.

The six event winter and Spring Series at Perris wraps up on May 9th with all divisions featuring. The headline will be a team race using the 4 team Speedway World Cup race format. Races once more start at 6pm.


Pee Wee Main
25 Travis Horn (D1)
16 Cole Ayers (D1)
48 Jose Navarrete (D2)
3 Levi Leutz (D2)

150 Mini Main
27 Luke Whitcomb
419 Dakota Shockley
96 Andrew Russell

250 Junior
18 Sebastian Palmese
214 Michael Wells

Support Consi
246 Bentley Barrett
227 Wade Whitcomb
215 Greg Willis
351 Pam Bennett

Support Main
131 David Lynch
163 Ron Davis
211 Steve Brown
220 Tom Bryant
150 Damon Barry (exc)

Trophy Dash Main
145 Braydan Galvin
182 Rudy Laurer
290 Harold Hartke
101 Mike Wiley

Sidecar Consi
44 Jeff Medberry / Niki Davis
08 Heather Rowe / Heather Gledhill
101 Kevin Holman / Adam Jackson
33 Rick Garcia / Adam Duckett

2 Bryan Motis / Josh Bennett
007 Dual Anderson / Vinny Madagan
1965 Jeff Rowe / Ashley Gibbons
7x Joe Jones / Tom Summers (retired)

Scratch Last Chance
170 Hayley Perrault
122 Nathan Siegel
118 Rohn Zellner
155 Mike Dalbey non starter

Scratch Main
110 Gage Geist
4 Broc Nicol
321 Russell Green
170 Hayley Perrault
222 Dalton Leedy fell

Handicap Main
4 Broc Nicol (50)
321 Russell Green (50)
222 Dalton Leedy (30)
37 Joey Donaldson (20)
145 Braydan Galvin (30) – fell
111 Dillon Ruml (30) – non starter

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