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Fast Fridays Speedway

Gold Country Fairgrounds
1273 High Street
Auburn, California

AMA Youth Speedway National Championship
Fast Friday's Motorcycle Speedway, Gold Country Fairgrounds
Sidecars Return to Fast Fridays
Janniro and Ruml win main events
By Michael Kirby (Story & Photos)
AUBURN, CALIFORNIA, August 5, 2016

A perfect Auburn night, the return of the Extreme Sidecars, and Billy Janniro, Luke Becker and Broc Nicol back at Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway after racing for America in World Team Cup competition in Europe brought several thousand speedway fans to the Gold Country Fairgrounds Friday night for some of the best motorcycle racing of the season.

Janniro, wasted little time getting back into the swing of things once back on American soil with another scratch main event win. Janniro seemed to be riding with renewed vigor and was undefeated in the scratch program with wins in his heat and semi-final races. In the main he had little trouble fending off Bart Bast, Charlie Venegas and Tommy Hedden. Bast gave Janniro the most trouble, and after Venegas was retired from the race for an early start, Bast chased Janniro for four laps to take second place. Hedden took third. Janniro now has seven scratch main event wins for the 2016 season. Before Friday night’s racing it was Bast though who led the Division I season points race. Bast has tallied 1422 points so far followed by Janniro with 1195, then Luke Becker with 1108.

Southern Cal’s Dillon Ruml riding off the 30 yard line won the handicap main event. Ruml 17, makes the trip north often and never fails to add to the mix at Fast Fridays. Ruml faced some tough competition in the main but was able to contain Luke Becker and Billy Janniro to take the checkered flag. Becker was second and Janniro third.

The always exciting Extreme Sidecars made the fourth of five visits to Fast Fridays Friday night and did not disappoint the near capacity crowd that greeted them. Five teams on 1000cc three wheeled bikes pulled up at the start line for three heat races and the sidecar main event. The teams consist of a driver and a rider on the back that moves from side to side off the rear end of the trike in five lap races. In a repeat performance from their last visit on July 1, the team of Bryan Motis and Cody Brant won the main event. “I got a good gate but the guy next to me (Robert Curry) did too, my wing got caught on his tray so he was pulling me and when I finally came off I was ahead of him and then I just had to hold the pole,” Motis said. “It’s all good fun here, we try to really please the crowd,” Motis said. The frontrunner team of Joe Jones and Chuck Heider were taken out and were unable to finish the race. The team of James Kinne and Dana Catone finished second and Robert Curry and Laura Curry were third. The sidecars races are amazing to watch and always thrill with their special brand of speedway racing. Their next appearance and series final at Fast Fridays is September 2.

Division II was led by Jeremy Estes, who picked up his second Division II main event win of the season since moving up a division after dominating Division III in the early part of the season. Eddie Marsalla was second and Michael Achilles was third. In the Division II points race before Friday night Achilles led in a close contest by just two points over Shawn Eldredge. Achilles sits at 576 and Eldredge has 574. Charlie Haines is in third and has 491 points.

Cameron “The Captain” Beck notched his second main event win in Division III of the season. A consistent second and third place finisher, Beck broke through for another first Friday night with the win. “It been a long few weeks coming, a lot of second place finishes one after another, I was pretty motivated,” Beck said. “It felt pretty good to get the win.” Casey Cornilsen was second and visiting east coaster Dalton Brisbois was third. Brisbois 18, is a professional flat tracker that makes an annual trip across America from his hometown of Ashburnham Massachusetts racing different flat tracks, also trying his hand at speedway racing along the way. Cornilsen leads the Division III point’s race with 607 points followed closely by Beck with 559 points. Ray Holt Jr. Jr. is third with 470.

Cameron Krezman won the Youth 250cc A main event. Krezman hangs tough even when national champion Colton Hicks is breathing down his back. The heavily handicapped Hicks, riding off the 60 yard line, was second and Anthony Dion was third. Landon Norton won the Youth 250cc B main event, followed by Landon Collins in second and Logan Hedden. The combined Youth 150cc divisions was won by Enzo Sorani, Charlie Trana was second and Sammy Waddill was third. Matt King captured the Run What U Brung main event Shawn Eldredge was second and Dalton Brisbois was third.

Fast Fridays Results for 8-5-16 (Editor: Please note that results are not official as the promoter is responslble for those, we do attempt to be correct as we can. Some results below have been added by speedwaybikes.com)

Scratch Main Event
1-Billy Janniro, 2-Bart Bast, 3-Tommy Hedden. 4-Charlie Venegas (DQ Tapes)

Scratch Consolation
1-Broc Nicol, 2-Russell Green, 3-Dillon Ruml, 4-Eddie Marsalla

Handicap Main Event
1-Dillon Ruml, 2-Luke Becker, 3-Billy Janniro, 4-Bart Bast, 5-Charlie Venegas, 6-Jamison Dilkey

Handicap Consolation
1-PJ Byrne, 2-Kurtis Hamill, 3-Russell Green, 4-Tommy Hedden, 5-Bryan Yarrow, 6-Broc Nicol

Division II Main Event
1-Jeremy Estes, 2-Eddie Marsalla, 3-Michael Achilles, 4-Shawn Eldridge, 5-William McCloskey, 6-Matt King

Division II Consolation
1-Nick Dion, 2-Charlie Haines, 3-Brian Leventon

Division III Main Event
1-Cameron Beck, 2-Casey Cornilsen, 3-Dalton Brisbois, 4-Les Veale, 5-Tim Dion, 6-Hunter Morris

Division III Consolation
1-Ray Holt Jr., 2-Joey Rosselit

Youth 250 D-1 Main Event
1-Cameron Krezman, 2-Colton Hicks, 3-Anthony Dion, 4-Kyle Cunningham, 5-Sammy Tetrault, 6-Dylan Wagner

Youth 250 D-2 Main Event
1-Landon Norton, 2-Landon Collins, 3-Logan Hedden, 4-Blu VanderBroeder, 5-Gregory Moore, 6-Timmy Dion

Youth 150 Main Event
1-Enzo Sorani, 2-Charlie Trana, 3-Sammy Waddill

Run What U Brung
1-Matt King, 2-Shawn Eldredge, 3-Dalton Brisbois, 4-Chase Kangas, 5-Colton Nelson

Sidecar Main Event
1-Bryan Motis/Cody Brant, 2-James Kinne/Dana Catone, 3-Robert Curry/Laura Curry

Photos By Michael Kirby

Fast Fridays The start of the scratch main event. Charlie Venegas (second from left) was excluded for an early start, and Billy Janniro (third from left) won the race.
Fast Fridays The team of Bryan Motis/Cody Brant (left) won the sidecar main event.
Fast Fridays Cameron Beck (right) won the Division III main event. Pictured racing against Tim Dion (left) in the main event.
Fast Fridays Jeremy Estes won the Division II main event, his second of the season since moving up from Division III.
Fast Fridays Billy Janniro, in a gutsy inside move, takes the lead in his semi-final. Janniro was undefeated in the scratch program.
Fast Fridays The team of Bryan Motis and Cody Brant won the Extreme Sidecar main event.
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