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Champion Speedway
East River Drive
Owego, New York 13827

East Coast Speedway Series
Larry McBride Memorial
August 3, 2013 - Champion Speedway, Owego NY
Photos by Bob Johnston
Story by Jason Bonsignore

The Larry McBride Memorial was held at Champion Speedway on August 3rd to honor the late track supporter, and father of East Coast Speedway legends, Tuff and Lenny McBride! Larry was best known for taking videos of the speedway races for years and helping to capture much of the sports rich history in New York State over the years! Casey Donholt, of Port Crane, has won the event for five years running and was looking to keep his string alive on this fine night!

Donholt opened the evening up strongly with a win over second placed Jesse Diem, Corey Brookes took third and fourth was returning long-time star, John "Boogeyman" Lewis, of Syracuse. Jeremy Parsons scored by winning the second heat with Josh Carr second, Chuck Podany third and Keith Hawkins last. Gene Bonsignore rode a smooth race to take the third event of the program over Shawn Engel, Jeff Garlinghouse and Ray Barondick in that order. Tuff McBride closed out the first round by winning with Ron Walker second, Russ Cornell third and Jerry Harman fourth with mechanical issues!

Donholt kept it going well by taking first in the beginning of round two over Hawkins, Cornell and Engel. Bonsignore also remained unbeaten with a 3 point run against Walker, Podany and Lewis, who finished in that particular order! McBride was also a repeat winner in the next outing as he beat Parsons to the checkers. Barondick was third and Diem fourth. Harman got his bike fixed and came out and nailed a first place over Carr, Brookes and Garlinghouse.

Third series wins were again taking by Donholt and McBride but this also by Diem and Parsons with all-important second place points going to Harman, Hawkins, Carr and Bonsignore.

There was a good final round match between Parsons and Donholt at the start but Donholt came out victorious. Parsons settled for second with Walker third and Garlinghouse fourth. Cornell and Lewis had a great battle next with Cornell just getting him at the line! Barondick grabbed a third and Carr was last. Bonsignore made a nice start from gate three to get out and lead for several laps after that but Diem made a great pass on the outside for the win! Harman was third and Hawkins fourth. McBride concluded with another 3 point score with second going to Brookes who edged out Podany and Engel.

The Division 2 Main was won by a hard charging, always exciting, Alex "The Hazard" Heath! A special Division 2 handicap Main was also held in honor of Larry McBride and up and coming, Andrew Clark, rode very well to take it! The Division 3 Main saw Brandon Bruzek return to the winners circle for the first time in several events with a smooth and calculated ride!

The five top points scorers for the night, Donholt, McBride, Parsons, Bonsignore and Diem, in that order, were placed in the Main event! McBride would have the inside gate, Donholt gate two, Parsons took three, Bonsignore fourth and Diem the wall. As the tapes flew it was Donholt who was a second quicker than McBride and shot his KRM Foundation Repair/Cobras Garage Mahal powered JAWA out into the lead. In hopes of keeping his McBride Memorial win record in tact, Donholt rode mistake free to take his 6th McBride win! Tuff came home a solid second with Parsons just behind in third. Diem would take fourth and Bonsignore fifth.

The next events at Champion Speedway are The Omar Lightner Cup August 17th, the Kelly Moran Memorial August 24th and the US Open National Championships August 31 and September 1!

Larry McBride Memorial
1. Casey Donholt
2. Tuff McBride
3. Jeremy Parsons
4. Jesse Diem
5. Gene Bonsignore

Division Two Main
1. Alex Heath
2. Brian Bailey
3. Spencer Portararo
4. Don Wheeland

Division Two Handicap Main
1. Andrew Clark
2. Alex Heath
3. Spencer Portararo
4. Brian Bailey
5. Don Wheeland

Division Three Main
1. Brandon Bruzek
2. Jim Sanchez
3. Jim Spencer

2013 Champion Speedway    2013 Champion Speedway
Left Casey Donholt - Right Tuff McBride
Photos by Bob Johnston

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