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Big Time Speedway

Prairie City OHV Park
13300 White Rock Road
Rancho Cordova CA 95742

5th Annual 9/11 Tribute
Big Time Speedway - September 9, 2017
Prairie City OHV Park, Rancho Cordova, CA

YouTube Video - by Anthony Bernardi

Photos from Sammy Tetrault

On Saturday evening Big Time Speedway held a speedway and flat track event on a well prepared track. A shortage of riders, which has been accepted as a problem at most California speedway tracks now, was overcome by riders competing in multiple divisions.

Main Event
Billy Janniro
Russell Green
Greg Hooten
Danny Faria
Jeremy Estes

Division 1 Consolation
William McCloskey
David Fonts
Blake Borello
Charlie Haines
Lawrence McNutt

Division 2 Main
William McCloskey
Lawrence McNutt
Chance Grove
Peter Pecorilla
Brian Leventon

Division 3 Main
Lawrence McNutt
Chance Grove
Peter Pecorilla
Pauly Good

Division 3 Consolation
Robert Curry
Kelly McBane
Tim Dion

Youth Main Heat 1
Kyle Cunningham
Cameron Krezman
Anthony Dion
Dylan Wagner

Youth Main Heat 2
Landon Collins
Gregory Moore
Aidan McNutt
Sammy Tetrault
Timmy Dion

It was good to see a couple of former speedway riders in attendance, unfortunately without speedway bikes. Former British League rider Chris Kerr and former Youth National Champion Alex Marcucci rode in the “Billy Janniro Challenge”, a mini-bike motocross race.

October 21 Big Time Speedway will host the Under 21, Youth and Division 2 and 3 Championships.

Next Saturday (Note Saturday, not Friday) Fast Fridays will host the final round of the National Championship series.

Gary Roberts - garyrobertsretired@gmail.com

Sammy Tetrault Photos
Big Time Speedway Big Time Speedway
Lawrence McNutt  
Big Time Speedway Big Time Speedway
Russell Green and Jeremy Estes Robert Curry and Sammy Tetrault
Big Time Speedway Big Time Speedway
911 Tribute Medal Billy Janniro


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