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Big Time Speedway
Prairie City OHV Park
Rancho Cordova, California

Golden State Speedway Series
Round 3: Prairie City Dirt Track - August 16, 2014
Story and Photos by Karen Gould - Checkered Flag Photography

Another night of exciting speedway racing took place at the Prairie City Dirt Track. Big Time Speedway orchestrated another awesome Golden State Speedway event on a well prepared light cushion smooth oval track. The weather was a little warm early in the evening, the sun set, the temps cooled perfectly and the moisture came up to the top of the track surface creating excellent conditions for fast and competitive racing.
The number of Junior riders was by far the most we have seen in prior rounds of the Golden State Speedway series due to the Junior AMA National on Friday night. The added riders added to the excitement of competition and were well accepted and welcomed by the regular series riders.

The Billy Janniro Challenge has become a favorite at the Big Time Speedway events. Each event has seen a different champion and at this event Billy won himself. The Challenge runs 10 laps and is mayhem from the time the light turns green to the finish. Nick Dion and Janniro battled back and forth changing position for the lead several times. Dion went down in one lap and still finished second. Kevin Keeran finished third. Janniro usually pays the $100 dollar prize to the winner and this time Big Time pulled out $100 for Janniro. Janniro adds something special to the Big Time events. He lends helping hands where ever they are needed and encourages the youngsters to do their best. He is often seen helping a competitor get their bike running properly or cheering on a Pee Wee rider from the side lines. And, it's a treat to watch Janniro ride. Riding the Division one class Janniro often wins but he is not in the championship points. Fuzzy Beeching, the track starter was the single flat track rider so Janniro found himself a flat track and beat Beeching to the finish. There is nothing Janniro won't do to help fuel the excitement and fun at the Big Time events.

Division one riders included 4 heats of 3 riders competing for the top of box. Heat one winners were Tyler Warren, Greg Hooten, Billy Janniro, and Bryce Starks Greg Hooten, Tyler Warren, Bryce Starks and JT Mabry took heats 2. Heat three winners included Fred Cook, Dave Fonts, Chris Kerr, and Bryce Starks. The final heat of the night winners were Janniro, Kerr, Daniel Faria and Bryce Starks. Starks earned his way to the top of the box each of the four heats he rode. Nick Dion topped the box in division two winning all three of the heats he rode. William McCloskey held school in Division three leading Timothy Dion to the checkers in all three of their heats.

The Junior 150 class was eight riders strong split into two runs of four riders. Dylan Wagner and Sebastian Palmese each won two of three heats tying points for the night. Gregory Moore took the second place after 3 heats tonight taking second in all three of his heats, followed by Anthony Dion rounding out the podium.

Five Junior 250 riders lined up and Luke Becker easily took the victory in all three heats. Dillon Ruml who finished first Friday night finished second behind him in two of the heats earning second and Gage Geist filled the third podium spot.

Big Time Speedway will hold round four September 13th, commemorating the tragedy of 9-11 and honoring our heroes. Public servants, including, police, fire, ambulance, and anyone in service to their community will be recognized for their service during opening ceremonies. The final round of Big Time Speedway will take place October 4th. A double points event that could be a determining factor in the points chase of the series. Series champions will be announced and recognized at the end of the night. The points leaders have changed with each round. Janniro currently leads the points but since he is not qualified to win the series championship Dave Fonts and Tyler Warren are currently tied for the lead. JT Mabry follows them, too close for comfort, only one point behind them. Daniel Faria is currently third in points. With points so close you won't want to miss the next two Big Time Speedway Golden State Speedway Series events.

Current points:
Div 1: Billy Janniro 41; Dave Fonts & Tyler Warren 35; TJ Mabry 34; Daniel Faria 33; Bryce Starks 30; Chris Kerr 29; Greg Hooten 27; PJ Byrne 26; Kyle Marsalla 22, Jamison Dilkey 19; Thomas Reich 18, Fred Cook, Nick Dion & Colton Duncan 14; Devin DeFreece 11; Jim Lewis 7

Div 2: Shane Loessberg 24; Nick Dion 21; Lawrence McNutt 14; Eddie Marsalla 11; Johnny Frank 9; Rick Gutzke 8; Brian Leventon 6

Div 3: William McCloskey 30; Kurt Kornchuk 22; Tim Dion 17; Lars Kotrlik 6; Dorian Jewett 2

Jr. 150: Dylan Wagner 33; Anthony Dion 27; Gregory Moore 25; Landon Collins 22; Cameron Krezman 20; Charlie Trana 18; Sebastian Palmese 11; Logan Hedden 8; Landon Norton 5; Luke Whitmore 3

Jr. 250: Luke Becker 33; Blake Borello 20; Chase Guerrero 12; Dillon Ruml 9; Gage Geist 7

Flat Track: Fuzzy Beeching 18; John Fordini & Kevin Keeran 12; John Proto 9; Billy Janniro 8; Rick Shafer 6; Ray Turner 5; Justin Williams 4

Billy Janniro Challenge: Billy Janniro 25; Nick Dion 21; Bobby Hedden 13; Robert Curry 12; Luke Becker 6; Kurt Kornchuk 5; Ken Wagner 4; Tim Stephens 4; Anthony Dion,Dirk Sauer, Jessica Beeching, Kevin Keeran, Mike/Kevin Rooney, Pete Silva, Robert Krezman, Tim Dion 3

PW Div 1: Zerek Krezman 22; Anthony Dion 14; Nathan Clarke 11; Jake Ellis 6; Ron Tilford 5; Aticus Wilson 3

PW Div 2: Sammy Waddill 29; Timothy Dion 28; Colton Nelson 12

Photos by Karen Gould - Checkered Flag Photography

2014 Big Time Speedway Dave Fonts #322 in front of Billy Janniro
2014 Big Time Speedway Janniro rides flat track too!
2014 Big Time Speedway Luke Becker
2014 Big Time Speedway Youths at riders meeting.
2014 Big Time Speedway BT Ready for racing in the pits
2014 Big Time Speedway The scoring behind event sponsor pizza guys banner.
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