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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

Challenge Series Round 5
Fast Friday's Motorcycle Speedway, Gold Country Fairgrounds
Bast Cousins Triumph at Fast Fridays
By Michael Kirby (Story & Photos)
AUBURN, CALIFORNIA, August 8, 2014

YouTube Video By Anthony Bernardi

The Bast family name has long been associated with motorcycle speedway racing for over 50 years. Bart and Ryan Bast are part of that speedway family and Friday night at Fast Friday's Motorcycle Speedway they did their part to further the Bast legacy both winning Division I main events at the Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn.

For the second week in a row and third time this season Bart Bast won the Division I scratch main event. Bast trailed Tommy Hedden who got his best gate of the season out of lane one taking the inside line in turn one. Bast followed him on the inside waiting for his break or a Hedden mistake. Billy Janniro was in the mix deeper on the track also looking for a chance to overtake Hedden. Hedden, trying to keep both these talented riders at bay, and checking over his shoulder as Bast and Janniro gave chase proved too much and he swung a little wide to block Janniro giving Bast the advantage he needed as he came inside just 20 yards from the finish line on the last turn to take the checkered flag. Clearly frustrated Hedden settled for second, Charlie Venegas was third and Janniro was fourth. "He (Hedden) had to cover someone's line to block one of us, he was in a bad spot, a fast guy inside and a fast outside guy," said Bast. "It's like what do I do?"

In the handicap main event it was another Bast victory, this time it was Ryan Bast winning the handicap main event just two weeks after winning the grueling 25 lap handicap main event on July 25. Bast started off the 30 yard line and grabbed an early lead in the race and held on to the front position. Charging hard on his tail the entire race was his cousin Bart Bast. Playing no family favors Bart Bast rode on his tail hard for the final couple of laps looking for a way around him, but Ryan Bast would have none of that on this night. "I knew it was going to be either him (Bart Bast), or Tommy (Hedden), and I knew what I had to do because I knew they would be coming," Ryan Bast said. "Once I heard motor behind me I knew that is was my cousin." Bart Bast was second, Charlie Venegas finished third and Hedden was fourth.

Back from an injury and missing two week of racing, Bryce Starks grabbed the last spot in the Challenge Elimination Series with a fantastic run-off final two lap heat with Daniel Faria. Starks also outlasted JT Mabry and Thomas Reich in the one lap heats of the challenge. Starks now joins Tommy Hedden, Charlie Venegas, Bob Hicks and Billy Janniro in the Challenge Elimination Championship on September12 at Fast Fridays.

David Mersaroli, with two Division II main event wins and six second or third main event finishes this season, won the main event. Mersaroli also currently sits atop the Division II point's race, leading Kyle Marsalla 595 to 541 after the August 1 meeting. Jamison Dilkey was second and Shawn Eldredge was third in the main. Eddie Marsalla picked up his second Division III main event win in two weeks. John Gauthreaux was second and Harlan Bast was third. In the 250cc Youth Division Chase Guerrero was first, Blake Borello was second and William Fike was third. Gregory Moore picked up his first Youth 150cc main event of the year. Cameron Krezman was second and Landon Collins was third.

Fast Fridays Results for 8-8-14

Division I Scratch Main Event
1-Bart Bast, 2-Tommy Hedden, 3-Charlie Venegas, 4-Billy Janniro

Division I Handicap Main Event
1-Ryan Bast, 2-Bart Bast 3-Charlie Venegas

Division II Main Event
1-David Mersaroli, 2-Jamison Dilkey, 3-Shawn Eldredge

Division III Main Event
1-Eddie Marsalla, 2-John Gauthreaux, 3-Harlan Bast

Youth A 250cc Main Event
1-Chase Guerrero, 2-Blake Borello 3-William Fike

Youth A 150cc Main Event
1-Gregory Moore, 2-Cameron Krezman, 3-Landon Collins

Challenge Elimination Series
1-Bryce Starks 2-Daniel Faria, 3-Thomas Reich, 4-JT Mabry

Photos By Michael Kirby

2014 Fast Fridays Speedway Bryce Starks grabbed the fifth and last Challenge Elimination Series spot and will join four other riders in the Challenge Elimination Series Championship on September 12.
2014 Fast Fridays Speedway Carmichael's Gregory Moore won the Youth 150cc main event for the first time of the season.
2014 Fast Fridays Speedway Ryan Bast held off his cousin Bart Bast to hang on and win the Division I handicap main event.
2014 Fast Fridays Speedway Bart won his third Division I scratch main event of the season Friday might.
2014 Fast Fridays Speedway Eddie Marsalla was the winner of the Division III main event, for the second week in a row.
2014 Fast Fridays Speedway The start of the Division I main event. (left-right) Charlie Venegas, Billy Janniro, Bart Bast and Tommy Hedden. Bast was the winner.
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