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Victorville Speedway
San Bernardino County Fairgrounds
Victorville, California

Hamill Dominates Victorville
April 2, 2011
Results By: Steve Evans
Photos by: Dorcey Wingo

Former World and National Champion Billy Hamill, sponsored by Hagon Shocks USA and Joker Machine, won all 5 of his races in style as he won at Legends Night at Victorville Speedway. Hamill, who has pulled off a couple of dramatic inside passes in the heats coming out of turn 2, chose gate 2 in the Main Event. Jimmy Fishback went for the outside, Buck Blair chose 3 leaving the very impressive Michael Raines out of gate 1. Hamill made an excellent start and though Blair was very close as they entered turn one, by turn two Hamill was one again ahead. He pulled out a lead quickly and it was after that a battle for the other podium spots. Fishback pushed Blair hard but the all time Main event winner at Victorville held onto his second place, with Raines in fourth place.

The support divisions, including 11 Junior entries had several classes where a rider both heats and the Main - Rick Fehrman in Division Two, Max Ruml in 250cc Junior, Nicholas Varner in 200cc Junior Division one, Seven year old Sebastian Palmese in Junior Division Two and Summer Fehrman in Pee Wee. Dave Alexander and Jake Hanson won the Sidecars after Kevin Brown and Matt Davis won both heats (Alexander needed an outside pass on Brown to take the Main), whilst Tony DeAlmeida returned from a retirement in the first Division Three Heat to win the next heat and the Main.

The good sized crowd were impressed with an excellent evening of riding in all Divisions. Whilst Division One numbers were low due to 5 regulars flying to England this weekend to race on the American Touring Team, the quality of racing more than compensated.

The night played tribute to the Legends of Speedway and Shawn Moran was guest of honor having flown in from Germany the week before.

The next race at Victorville is April 23rd.


Division One Heat Scores (4 rides each)
Billy Hamill 12, Jimmy Fishback 10, Buck Blair 9, Michael Raines 8, Jason Ramirez 6, Rick Fehrman 3, Tyson Talkington 1, Dylan Black 0.

B Main: Ramirez, Fehrman, Talkington (non starter), Black (non starter)

A Main: Hamill, Blair, Fishback, Raines

Division Two: Rick Fehrman, Bander Alexander, Harold Hartke, Max Ruml, Tony DeAlmeida

Division Three: DeAlmeida, Steve Brown, Alfonso Marroquin, Wade Whitcomb, Paul Thornton, Rick Huspek.

Sidecar: Dave Alexander / Jay Hanson, Kevin Brown / Matt Davis, Shawn & Missy Driggers, Scott & Casey Driggers.

250cc Junior: Max Ruml, Dillon Ruml, Nicholas Varner

200cc Junior Division 1: Nicholas Varner, Kurtis Hamill, Dillon Ruml, Hayley Perrault

200cc Junior Division 2: Sebastian Palmese, Michael Wells, Dalton Leedy, Dylan Blum

Pee Wee: Summer Fehrman, Dakota Shockley, Luke Whitcomb, Mikey Ortega.

2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway
Legend Billy Hamill, Steve Evans and pit crew have a laugh as the pits steadily get organized. Speedway Legends Jim "The Animal" Fishback and Doug "The Destroyer" Nicol discuss Doug's imminent father-son Speedway adventure to England with son, Broc. Shawn and Mrs. Moran graciously stopped for a quick photo op.
2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway
200cc hot shoe Sebastian "Big Daddy" Palmese gets an assist from his dad in the suiting-up stage of racing. Billy Hamill and Youth 250cc Speedway racing son Kurtis check out the Sprint Car action. First Division sensation and Under 21 Speedway hopeful Austin "Full Throttle" Novratil gave his support in the pits but didn't ride, with a big trip overseas coming up.
2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway
The night would reward #39 "Battling Buck" Blair 2nd overall in the finishing order - ahead of 3rd place finisher #25 Jimmie "Little Animal" Fishback - who challenges Blair going down the back straightaway. Sidecar heavy hitters Dave Alexander and Jay Hanson launch into the lead in this preliminary heat, and took the honors for the evening in an exciting win for the big Honda V-Twin. 250cc Junior Speedway star Max Ruml won his Division's top honors and also rode well with the big guys in Division Two.
2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway Photos by: Dorcey Wingo
#240 Rick Fehrman gates from the pole in this heat. Fehrman would go on to win the 2nd Division crown convincingly. Does the wind know it's Legends night?  Nooooooooo!  

After 2 Meetings:

DIVISION 1 (TOP 10 SEEDED INTO SPEEDWAY MASTERS 12 NOV - projected purse $3-5,000 for Masters)
1. Buck Blair 50
2. Jason Ramirez 42
3. Billy Hamill 36
= Josh Larsen 36
5. Michael Raines 34
6. Eddie Castro 25
7. Jimmy Fishback 24
8. Austin Novratil 20
9. Tyson Talkington 20
10. Rick Fehrman 13
11. Doug Nicol 11
12. Dylan Black 9
13. Aaron Fox 7
14. Marvin Sonnier 7
15. Joey Holt 6
16. Jon Stasiefski 6

1. Rick Fehrman 35
2. Max Ruml 26
3. Marvin Sonnier 20
4. Bander Alexander 14
5. Harold Hartke 8
= Tony DeAlmeida 8
7. Damon Barry 4

1. Tony DeAlmeida 43
2. Steve Brown 20
3. Rick Huspek 17
4. Alfonso Marroquin 15
5. Wade Whitcomb 14
6. Cory McDonald 13
7. Paul Thornton 11
8. Dan Eddy 10
9. Mitch Pierson 4

1. Max Ruml 38
2. Dillon Ruml 34
3. Nicholas Varner 22
4. Jake Hanson 22

1. Nicholas Varner 39
2. Sebastian Palmese 34 (D2)
3. Dillon Ruml 32
4. Dalton Leedy 17 (D2)
5. Michael Wells 14 (D2)
6. Kurtis Hamill 12
7. Hayley Perrault 4
8. Dylan Blum 4 (D2)

1. Summer Fehrman 40
2. Dakota Shockley 24
= Brandon Rhea 24
4. Luke Whitcomb 8
5. Mikey O 4

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