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Inland Motor Speedway
National Orange Show
San Bernardino, California

2nd and 3rd Division Day at IMS
April 10, 2011
By Scott "The Torch" Read
Photos by: Dorcey Wingo

IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway)
Early on IMS riders rose to the occasion, as #333 Mike Salyer demonstrates - to the lament of his rear fender. Youth Speedway rider Dillon Ruml gets some last minute instructions from the Coach. Third Division regular # 153 Brad Moreau says, "Hey, I can do that too!"
IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway)
Youth rider #222 Dalton Leedy wants nothing to do with wheelies, he's more into plywood. Third Division heavy weight #211 Steve "Beach Ball" Brown heads into turn two with company. The long-awaited IMS unveiling of T-Rod and Gene Stone's newest creation, 1800cc of big bad Harley.
IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway)
Youth D-1 Winner #104 Kurtis Hamill celebrates after an exciting finish. #333 Nicholas Varner, [far right] walks it off following a spill in turn three, while in the lead. 3rd Division Main: #275 Mike Betor heads into turn two, trying to head off #211 Steve Brown, who is pursued by [eventual winner #313 Joey St. Louis] and #235 Carl Shockley.
IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway)
And not to be outdone, 2nd Division rider #138 Rich Brock pops a big one in the Main Event, which had as many restarts as Dillon Ruml has freckles. 2nd Division rider #236n Robert Mellor rides blindfolded on yet another Main Event restart. With solid riding all afternoon, #138 Rich Brock held on to win the big race of the day.

Hard core speedway fans were treated to some awesome racing at the Famous IMS facility this past weekend. The banked 1/8 mile dirt oval tested the skills of every rider, as the first part of the program saw slick conditions due to the recent inclement weather, in California's "Inland Empire". By mid-race the track came around, and offered pole, mid-groove, and outside against the wall racing lines. IMS own Super-Fan was in attendance, bringing her own brand of enthusiastic cheering of her favorite riders...even some good natured " smack talk " aimed at #333 Mike Salyer.

With the absence of D-1 for this event. the Support classes took full advantage of " Their " stage. Racing was competitive and close, with plenty of
ride time, even test sessions after the races. #211 Steve " Beach Ball " Brown equipped his bike with a 22" rear tire, trying the outside line with some success. #138 Rich Brock won the D-2 Main event. The Phelen, CA rider Bested a talented division in his 1st visit to the IMS Track. #163 Rohn Zellner from Grand Terrace, CA rode his punk band " Screws " , Kevin Walker Unlimited Beers sponsored machine to a 2nd place finish. #236n Robert Mellor drove from Sacramento, CA for his first ride at IMS . The Jackie Schmidt Silver, 3 Trees Racing sponsored rider, took home 3rd.

Division 3 saw new comer #275 Mike Betor win 2 heats, only to be knocked out of a top 3 finish, when he was collected in a crash that took place in front of him, with nowhere to go. The AC Doctor was 4th. The D-3 Winner was #313 Joey St Louis, using the low line and consistency, St Louis put previous Winter Series injuries behind him, to win D-3 going away. #235 Carl Shockley also shook-off a hard crash at a previous IMSWS Race, after he un-loaded down the front straight-away. Shockley , with plenty of game , finished 2nd, behind his Hessions MC sponsored team mate St Louis. #211 Steve Brown fought hard to a 3rd place finish. The MJB Chrome, Fontana Radiator sponsored rider used the "22"to his advantage. The " Beach Ball " is an IMS Fan Favorite.

Youth 200cc D-2 saw Dalton " 222 " Leedy ride his AMREP Corp. Ont. CA., Stout signs, Innovative Electric Service, The Scooter Zone, RW Bling wear ( all
of Riv. CA ), Leedy Racing Mom and Dad, sponsored bike to the win. Trading rooster-tails with Leedy , was the # 18 , of 7yr. old Sebastian Palmese. He rode his Long Beach Cycle Show, Flow-Wall of OC, McDougall 150, sponsored bike to a 2nd place finish.

Youth 200cc D-1 / Youth 250cc. The effects of The Billy Hamill, Hagon Shocks, Joker Machine, Speedway Academy has had a dramatic impact on all youth classes. These youngsters rode like D-1 Pro's ! Taking the Win was #104 Kurtis Hamill (Y200D1). The Joker Machine, Hagon Shocks, Billy Hamill Speedway Academy backed rider took his place on Top of the podium. #111 Dillon Ruml rode the Lucas Oil, Back It In Photos, Novratil Racing, Doc Q Orthodontics Speedway Machine to 2nd. #00,"Haul'in " Hayley Perrault Surfed her way to 3rd on the IMS Podium. She was
riding the Lost Surfboards, Coast Powdercoating, Aussie Dog Boots, sponsored machine.

Youth 250cc saw Max Ruml #308 take the win, #333 Nicholas Varner with 2nd, #111 Dillon Ruml 3rd. Both Max and Dillon are sponsored by Lucas Oil products, Back It In Photos, Novratil Racing, Doc Q Orthodontics. Varner rode the Web-Cam, Team Swolen, Pro Design, K and N filters, Aircraft Spruce, G and G Gates, Speedway Machine to his 2nd place podium finish. #111 Dillon Ruml gave his sponsors double coverage, with a 2 class top 3 finish.

Official scorer...Jessi Dubois
Referee.............Tom Fox
Starter...............John 'Racer-X' Pavia
Winter Series Announcer.........Scott 'The Torch' Read
Special Thanks to: Pit Stewards: Gary Sr, Sandy, KC Hicks...The Benny Mears
Gang and Joe Holt
Promoters..........Jason Bonsignore, Shawn and Robynn 'Mad Dog' McConnell

A Very Special Thanks to All who helped make the Winter Series a Great Event and The Fans. See You At The Next IMS Event, go to InlandMotorcycleSpeedway.com for dates and times.
Scott "The Torch" Read

Official Results:
IMS Winter Series 041011
D-2 #138 Rich Brock
#163 Rohn Zellner
#236 Robert Mellor
D-3 #313 Joey ST Louis
#235 Carl Shockley
#211 Steve Brown
Youth 200cc D-2
#222 Dalton Leedy
#18 Sebastian Palmese
Youth 200cc D-1
#104 Kurtis Hamill
#111 Dillon Ruml
#00 Hayley Perrault
Youth 250cc
#308 Max Ruml
#333 Nicholas Varner
#111 Dillon Ruml

Scott "The Torch" Read

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