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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

Week 4
Fast Friday's Motorcycle Speedway, Gold Country Fairgrounds
Janniro stays unbeaten at Fast Fridays
By Michael Kirby (Story & Photos)

YouTube Video - By Anthony Bernardi

Like an unstoppable train, Billy Janniro just keep rolling along unbeaten in the Division I scratch main event for the fourth straight week of the Fast Fridays 2014 season. Friday night at the Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn Janniro continued his streak. Clearly on top on his game at Fast Fridays and coming off some very impressive wins in Southern California last week, Janniro is again the man to beat on the professional speedway racing circuit.

In the scratch main event, Janniro, coming into the final race unbeaten in his heat and semi races, faced Auburn's Bryce Starks who has made the last three of four scratch main events, Charlie Venegas, and Ryan Bast. Venegas had a great night and poised a real threat to Janniro, and Starks was hot coming off his first main event win of the season in the handicap main earlier in the evening. Venegas was outside in lane four, Janniro sat in three, Bast drew lane two and Starks was in lane one. Janniro, Venegas and Starks all hit turn one with Janniro on the inside and in front, Venegas and Starks trailing. On the second lap Bast fell off his bike going into turn one hitting hard and tumbling on the track his bike bouncing across the track skidding to a stop after 30 yards or so. Standing up on his own, Bast needed help off the track and was unable to restart the race.

On the restart Janniro repeated his great gate and grabbed the inside line and rode away with the race, looking back at his increasing his lead over second place finisher Venegas. Starks finished third. With the best riders Fast Fridays has to throw at him Janniro seems invincible, able to win at will when it really counts. "Again, I have changed a couple of things on the bike up here, but Billy is a brute force of a racer," said Venegas. "When a guy riding that well and his equipment is working that good, it will take quite a bit to beat him, but if anyone can do it I can."

As the handicap main event shaped up it was Starks that picked up that win, his first main event win of the season. Riding really well and improving each week, Starks rode a strategic race holding off Bart Bast on the inside and winning a thrilling race. Bast finished second, Venegas was third, and Ryan Bast was fourth. Starks, who made both Division I main events, has been in striking distance every week this season finally grabbed a win. "I have been waiting on it all season, I have made the handicap and scratch mains three weeks in a row," said Starks. "A lot of it is getting the bike lined up and tuning the bike to get the power to the ground, and being able to hold on at the end of the night."

The Mersaroli brothers, David and Louie are Division II regulars but each made their debuts in Division I Friday night. It was David though riding in both programs who picked up the Division II main event. Mersaroli held of Michael Achilles who won his heat race to advance to the main event and finished second. Shane Loessberg was third. Will McCloskey captured the Division III crown with his second main event win of the season. Laurence McNutt was second and Harlan Bast was third. For the second week in a row Dan Cahoon won the ever popular Run What U Brung contest.

Dominating the Youth 250cc division and starting way back on the 80 yard line Luke Becker again came away with the main event win. Blake Borello was second and William Fike was third. Kyle Cunningham won the 150cc Youth A division and Logan Hedden was second. Charlie Trana won the 150cc Youth B division and Cameron Krezman was second. Seven year-old Sammy "The Bullet" Waddill won the Pee-Wee division main event.

Charlie Venegas fought for the second spot in the second round of the Challenge Elimination Series with a win over Billy Janniro in the final two lap race to join Tommy Hedden who won the first spot two weeks ago. Three more riders will join Hedden and Venegas in the championship round on September 12 at Fast Fridays.

Fast Fridays Results for 5-30-14

Division I Scratch Main Event
1-Billy Janniro, 2-Charlie Venegas, 3-Bryce Starks

Division I Handicap Main Event
1-Bryce Starks, 2-Bart Bast, 3-Charlie Venegas

Division II Main Event
1-David Mersaroli, 2-Michael Achilles, 3-Shane Loessberg

Division III Main Event
1-William McCloskey, 2-Lawrence McNutt, 3-Harlan Bast, 4-John Peters

Youth A 250cc Main Event
1-Luke Becker 2-Blake Borello, 3-William Fike

Youth A 150cc Main Event
1-Kyle Cunningham, 2-Logan Hedden, 3-Landon Norton

Youth B 150cc
1-Charlie Trana, 2-Cameron Krezman, 3-Landon Collins

Sammy "The Bullet" Waddill

Run What U Brung Main Event
Dan Cahoon

Photos By Michael Kirby

2014 Fast Fridays Speedway Bryce Starks (front) leads Bart Bast out of turn two in an early heat handicap heat race Friday night at Fast Fridays. Starks won the Division I handicap main event later in the evening.
2014 Fast Fridays Speedway Charlie Venegas made both the handicap and scratch main events, finishing third in the handicap main and second in the scratch main event.
2014 Fast Fridays Speedway Billy Janniro comes off the starting line in the scratch main event. Janniro was again unbeatable in the scratch main event, winning all the scratch main events so far this season.
2014 Fast Fridays Speedway David Mersaroli won the Division II main event.
2014 Fast Fridays Speedway Auburn's Kyle Cunningham 10, won the 150cc Youth A main event.
2014 Fast Fridays Speedway Dan Cahoon won the Run What U Brung main event for the second week in a row.
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