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2013 Industry Racing
A Salute to the Military included this sharp Honor Guard.
Photo Dorcey Wingo

2013 Industry Racing
Undefeated in 2013!
Photo Dorcey Wingo

Industry Racing
The Grand Industry Hills Expo Center
City of Industry, California

Salute to our Military Night
Industry Racing
June 26, 2013
From Ryan Evans - Photos by Paul Flanders and Dorcey Wingo

2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
Our military Speedway rider/friend Davey Shaw chats live with World Pairs Champion Bobby Schwartz via Chris Jones' iPhone. Davey is in Okinawa serving his country. Team Nicol made good things happen in the pits. #96 Andrew Russell placed second in the Pee Wee Main.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
#185 Jonas LeoGrande brought home the bacon. 150cc action: Courtney Crone passes Gino Scopellite. 250cc Main Event.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
#111 Dillon Ruml, on a tear! 3rd Division Main Event #239 Chris Wiggins, safely in second place.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
#211 Steve "Beach Ball" Brown holds off Wiggins for the 3rd Division win. 2nd Division action: #116 Chris Jones gets some air. #178 Eloy Medellin races to another 2nd Division win.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
#48 Tyson Talkington and #27 Austin Novratil negotiate turn one. Austin Novratil gives #6 Shawn McConnell the slip. 1st Division Consolation
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
"Battling" Buck Blair didn't go home empty-handed. Sidecar Main Event. #2 Sidecar Motis and Bennett drift wide in turn three.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
#1 Chris Jones and Johnny Glover win a thriller. 1st Division Main Event. Billy "The Bullet" Hamill, on a Mission!
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
Spotlighted rider of the Night was none other than Billy Hamill. He went on to win the First Division Main. Celebrating for the second week in a row his Second Division Main were Eloy Medellin his wife and daughter. Steve Brown captured another Third Division Main win.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
Give me five, Dillon Ruml, for five 250cc Junior wins in a row over various tracks. Jake Isaac, Gino Scopellite, Hayley Perrault and Courtney Crone are ready to race. Courtney took a hard fought win in the 150cc Juniors. When Luke Whitcomb went down Jonas LeoGrande was there to take the Pee Wee Main win.
2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing 2013 Industry Racing
Chris Jones' family was there to cheer him on when he drove his brother Joe's sidecar to the Sidecar Main win. Joe stepped aside because he had vacation plans for the next day. Chris tried to double up in the solos but did not fair well. A Hamill fan with a cute checkered flag dress on. Andrew Russell took second in the Pee Wee Main.

Salute to our Military Night - Industry Racing, CA, USA - June 26

There are certain statistical numbers that resonate throughout the sports world. The number 56 has certainly held that distinction for over 70 years. Baseball icon Joe DiMaggio accomplished the near-mythical feat of hitting safely in 56 consecutive games in 1941.

Former World Champion Billy "The Bullet" Hamill put his name next to that of the Yankee Clipper by winning all of his races on Salute to our Military Night at Industry Racing to run his consecutive scratch race victory streak to an unbelievable 56.

As has been the case every evening that he has competed this season Hamill entered the main event undefeated. He had first choice of starting position and chose gate one. Former World Finalist Josh Larsen had second choice and picked gate two. Aaron Fox selected gate three which left former National Champion Charlie "The Edge" Venegas with gate four.

Hamill got the best start and led into turn one. Hamill held on the back straight with Venegas and Larsen side-by-side behind him. The battle for second was intense but the leader was pulling away. Larsen secured second and Venegas was hung out to dry on the outside and Fox slipped underneath him for third. Hamill led all the way to the finish and the positions behind him remained unchanged. He was followed by Larsen, Fox, and Venegas respectively.

The evening began with a bang as Shawn "Mad Dog" McConnell led the first heat for three laps before 16 year old sensation "Mad" Max Ruml passed him for the lead and the win. Hamill beat "Battling" Buck Blair in the second heat. Fox was victorious over former Under 21 National Champion Austin Novratil. Michael Raines held off former Junior National Champion Jason Ramirez to end the first round with a win.

Raines started the second round by beating Tim Gomez for his second straight win. Hamill defeated McConnell for his second win in a row. Blair and Max Ruml had a furious four-lap battle with Blair getting the victory. Fox defeated Larsen and Venegas in a very entertaining last race of round two.

Venegas opened the final round of heats with a victory over Blair. Novratil beat McConnell in event 23 but suffered an engine failure on the cool-down lap that ended his evening. Fox remained perfect with a win ahead of Max Ruml. Hamill matched Fox's perfect score by defeating Larsen to end the heats.

Larsen made a great start from gate four in the first semi and used the outside to take the lead and the win with Fox getting second to join him in the main. Hamill kept his streak intact by winning the second semi with Venegas following him into the main event.

Blair and Raines waged a great side-by-side battle before Raines slid off which allowed the native of Colorado to win the Consolation. McConnell was second, Max Ruml finished third, and Raines was credited with fourth.

Eloy Medellin led from start to finish and collected his second straight Second Division Main Event. Danny Baker finished second, Bruce Marteney was third, and Chris Jones was credited with fourth.

Steve "Beach Ball" Brown quickly worked through traffic and grabbed the lead in the Third Division Main Event. He cruised the rest of the way to earn the victory. Chris Wiggins finished second, Rick Howard was third, Tony DeAlmeida finished fourth, and Dave Troutt was fifth.

Dillon Ruml put together four smooth and fast laps en route to victory in the Junior 250 Main Event. Dalton Leedy finished second, Broc Nicol was third, and Hayley Perrault was fourth.

Slater Lightcap was the initial leader in the Mini 150 Main Event but was under immense pressure from the hard-charging Gino Scopellite and Courtney Crone. Crone secured the lead the second time they went down the back straight. The young lady was never seriously threatened after that and went on to victory. Sebastian "Big Daddy" Palmese was second, Scopellite finished third, Lightcap was fourth, Jake Isaac finished fifth, Tristan Britt was sixth, and Dylan Smith finished seventh.

Chris Jones substituted for his brother Joe but never missed a beat as he partnered with Johnny Glover to win the Sidecar Main Event. Bryan Motis and Josh Bennett finished second, Gerard Jackson and Dave German were third, and Jeff Rowe and John Bach finished fourth.

Industry Racing will be dark on July 3 because of the Independence Day holiday but the racing will return on Wednesday, July 10 for Haddick's Classic Car Night. All divisions of speedway and the sidecars will be on the program and watch for a big announcement regarding this event.


Sidecar Consolation
13 – Casey Driggers/Riley Driggers
81 – Dan Rapaport/Jacob Serrato
007 – Dual Anderson/Ethan Smith

Sidecar Main Event
1 - Chris Jones/Johnny Glover
2 - Bryan Motis/Josh Bennett
66 - Gerard Jackson/Dave German
1965 - Jeff Rowe/John Bach

Pee Wee Main Event
185 - Jonas LeoGrande 50
96 - Andrew Russell 0
795 - Jason Palmese Jr. 0
5 - Conner Salazar 0
27 - Luke Whitcomb 50 (fell)

Mini 150 Main Event
4 - Courtney Crone 30
18 - Sebastian Palmese 30
7 - Gino Scopellite 10
28 - Slater Lightcap 0
16 - Jake Isaac 0
11 - Tristan Britt 0
13 - Dylan Smith 0

Junior 250 Main Event
111 - Dillon Ruml
222 - Dalton Leedy
1 - Broc Nicol (fell)
0 - Hayley Perrault (fell)

Third Division Main Event (restarted) (awarded)
211 - Steve Brown 10
239 - Chris Wiggins 10
188 - Rick Howard 0
157 - Tony DeAlmeida 10
210 - Dave Troutt 10 (penalty line) (fell)

Second Division Main Event
178 - Eloy Medellin
162 - Danny Baker
242 - Bruce Marteney
116 - Chris Jones (fell)

First Division Heat Scoring 1 2 3 T
2 – Josh Larsen 1 2 2 5
6 – Shawn McConnell 2 2 2 6
7 – Michael Raines 3 3 1 7
23 – Steve Russell 1 1 0 2
27 – Austin Novratil 2 F 3 5
30 – Tim Gomez 1 2 1 4
37 – Joe Donaldson 0 0 0 0
39 – Buck Blair 2 3 2 7
43 – Charlie Venegas 1 1 3 5
46 – Aaron Fox 3 3 3 9
48 – Tyson Talkington 0 1 1 2
66 – Jason Ramirez 2 0 0 2
104 – Billy Hamill 3 3 3 9
114 – Troy McConnell 0 0 1 1
185 – Kayle LeoGrande F 1 0 1
308 – Max Ruml 3 2 2 7

Race Results
1: Ruml, S. McConnell, Venegas, LeoGrande
2: (restarted) Hamill, Blair, Gomez (penalty line), Donaldson
3: Fox, Novratil, Russell, T. McConnell
4: (restarted) Raines, Ramirez, Larsen (penalty line), Talkington
12: Raines, Gomez, LeoGrande, Novratil (tape penalty) (fell)
13: Hamill, S. McConnell, Russell, Ramirez
14: Blair, Ruml, Talkington, T. McConnell
15: Fox, Larsen, Venegas, Donaldson
22: Venegas, Blair, Raines, Russell
23: Novratil, S. McConnell, Talkington, Donaldson
24: Fox, Ruml, Gomez, Ramirez
25: Hamill, Larsen, T. McConnell, LeoGrande
Semi #1: Larsen, Fox, Raines, S. McConnell
Semi #2: Hamill, Venegas, Blair, Ruml

First Division Consolation
39 - Buck Blair
6 - Shawn McConnell
308 - Max Ruml
7 - Michael Raines (fell)

First Division Main Event
104 - Billy Hamill
2 - Josh Larsen
46 - Aaron Fox
43 - Charlie Venegas

Ryan Evans

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