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Victorville Speedway
San Bernardino County Fairgrounds
Victorville, California

Castro the King at Victorville
May 28, 2012 - Victorville
Results By Steve Evans
Photos By: Dorcey Wingo

2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway
The SBDO Fair was the place to be Monday for Speedway! Eddie Castro took a look at W2W's fast, banked curve and decided to bolt on the 22" rear wheel. A great decision. Taking a break from his work at Spacex, Mike Novratil crews for Austin.
2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway
It was good to see injured rider Buck Blair at the race. This is his truck's decal. The Pee Wees were well represented and the crowd loved 'em. #14 Sara Cords streaks to victory.
2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway
Support rider #351 Chris Popanz shows his colors for Memorial Day The Support Division put on quite a show for the Fair crowd. Lots of cheers for the Sidecars - it got pretty crazy at times!
2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway
First Division Heat 1: Restart One of the more exciting outside passes by Fast Eddie Castro over Gino Manzares. Green and Ruml fought tooth and nail.
2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway
First Division Main Event: Manzares launches.... Two seconds later, Manzares' rear chain says "See Ya!" Eddie Castro takes a well-deserved victory lap.

Fan favorite 'Fast' Eddie Castro at the age of 53 once more powered to victory in true style at the 2012 Victorville Fair Derby. Castro dropped one point in his first heat to a very impressive Tim Gomez - Gomez the hard luck story of the day as bike trouble ruled him out of the rest of the meeting. Austin Novratil came from the back to pass Gino Manzares in the 2nd heat. Round 2 saw Castro do a trademark outside pass on Manzares to put his first win on the board. Novratil led home Steve Russell to stay unbeaten. Round three opened with Castro once more leading home Manzares whilst Novratil won the next to record a maximum in the heats. Impressive 15 year old Max Ruml passed USA Under 21 World Cup rider Russell Green to win the last Chance. The Main had Castro make a great gate from the inside to win from flag to flag, Novratil keeping Steve Russell behind him with the unlucky Manzares shedding a chain at the start.

In the Sidecar division Jeff Rowe and Johnny Bach won the first heat whilst National Champions Joe Jones & Johnny Glover won the second. Jones and Glover could not make the Main with bike problems, so the third different winner of the day, Dual Anderson and Josh Bennett took the honors. The race was 8 years to the day when Anderson suffered serious injuries racing a Sprint Car at the same venue.

The Support Class was dominated by Joey St.Louis who won all races, with Chris Popanz in 2nd and Tony DeAlmeida in third being the finishing order in all races.

The Pee Wee heat and Main were won by Sara Cords from local favorite Dakota Shockley.

The Fair Derby was held in the afternoon as part of the San Bernardino County Fair and fans were admitted free. The stands were full and many were impressed watching Speedway for the first time.

The 2012 season continues in Victorville on June 23rd with the annual team race 'Old Guys' Vs 'Young Guys' which uses the full 15 heat British Elite League format and rules.


Division One;
Austin Novratil 9, Eddie Castro 8, Gino Manzares 6, Steve Russell 5, Russell Green 3, Tim Gomez 3, Max Ruml 2.

B Main
308 Max Ruml
321 Russell Green
30 Tim Gomez non starter

A Main
14 Eddie Castro
27 Austin Novratil
23 Steve Russell
24 Gino Manzares (engine failure)

007 Dual Anderson / Josh Bennett
1965 Jeff Rowe / Johnny Bach
1 Joe Jones / Johnny Glover (non starter)

313 Joey St.Louis
351 Chris Popanz
157 Tony DeAlmeida

Pee Wees
14 Sara Cords
419 Dakota Shockley
5 Christopher Newberry
22 Trenton Johnson
320 Riley Hull

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