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Inland Motor Speedway
National Orange Show
San Bernardino, California

IMS - Flyin Mike Faria Night
July 29, 2011
By: Ryan Evans
Photos by: Dorcey Wingo

IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway)
It was "Flyin' Mike Faria Night and a beautiful day for racing at IMS, but the high desert was being pounded by multiple large cumulonimbus. #48 Tyson Talkington was one of many who donned a fake mullet in honor of #9, Flyin' Mike Faria (right). There was even a special Match Race between Flyin' Mike (on the pole) and his son, #105 Danny Faria, best of three. Son bested father in this series, but it left me wondering. I've never seen Danny go that fast!
IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway)
Max Ruml passed younger brother Dillon to win the Youth 250cc Main Event in grand style. First Division action: #63 Michael Raines (left) gets a little better and a little faster at every meet. He had the win-in-hand in this heat - and threw a chain. #46 Aaron Fox (center) and #6 Shawn McConnell (right) wait for an opening. Second Div. Main Event: #313 Joey St. Louis has the pole #113 Gabe Price is in two. #163 Rohn Zellner has the third lane and #151 Brandon Leedy is against the wall. Gabe won another one, Rohn settled for second and Joey took third.
IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway)
First Div. Main Event: #25 Jimmy Fishback III has the pole, Flyin' Mike Faria is in two. #6 Shawn McConnell is in three, next to former WC Billy Hamill, #104. There's those famous jet-black locks flailing along behind Flyin' Mike, while Billy Hamill uses mucho talent to make an outside power-pass; but no. You were great Friday night, Flyin' Mike Faria, and we'd like the Speedway World to know it!

Former National Champion "Flyin" Mike Faria was the guest of honor and went home with top honors as he collected the main event victory on Flyin Mike Faria Night at Inland Motorcycle Speedway in San Bernardino.

The promoters of IMS wanted to honor the three-time National Champion for his many years of entertaining speedway fans not only in the Inland Empire but throughout the world as well. Former World Champion Billy "The Bullet" Hamill added the occasion to his limited competitive schedule for 2011. Billy Hamill dominated the evening prior to the main event.

Billy Hamill had first gate choice because of his perfect score and decided on gate four. Mike Faria, starting in gate two, was first off the line when the tapes went up and went to the inside line through the first corner, but Billy Hamill found traction in the cushion and was alongside Mike Faria on the back straight. Mike Faria was better through the next corner and led after lap one. Mike Faria led the second lap but Billy Hamill didn't give up the chase and loyally stuck to the outside line. Billy Hamill's steadfast attitude brought him to the leader's back wheel as they began the final lap. Billy Hamill found ample grip exiting turn two and took the lead as they entered the final corner. However, his momentum carried him too deep into the corner and Mike Faria's inside path gave him the lead as they exited turn four. Billy Hamill made one last desperate charge but came up a half-length short. Mike Faria's many longtime Inland Empire fans were just as thrilled as he was to see him come out on top of his special evening. Jimmy "Little Animal" Fishback finished third and Shawn "Mad Dog" McConnell was fourth.

McConnell opened the heats with a win over Michael Raines. Mike Faria led the second heat until "Fast" Eddie Castro took the lead and the win. Billy Hamill started his evening with a win over Bobby "Boogaloo" Schwartz. Fishback finished round one with a win over Drew Coats.
Raines beat Danny Faria, son of the event's namesake, to start round two. Mike Faria held off Castro to earn his first win. McConnell won event 16 for his second straight win. Billy Hamill made it two straight wins by beating Fishback to end the second round.

Billy Hamill began the third round by beating Raines for his third straight win. Fishback made a brilliant outside ride to pass and beat Joey "The Bolt" Holt in event 28. John "Mongoose" Marquez beat Mike Faria in the next event. McConnell beat Tyson Talkington, who was masquerading as Mike Faria, for his third straight win to end the round three.

Mike Faria started the final round by beating Schwartz. Raines beat Aaron Fox for his second win of the night. Billy Hamill beat Marquez for his fourth victory in a row. Fishback finished the heats with a win over Castro. Faria beat McConnell and Raines in a runoff to earn a direct spot in the main event. McConnell didn't hang his head, though, and won the Last Chance to earn the final berth in the main event field.

Gabe Price continued his domination by winning the Second Division Main Event for the third week in a row. Rohn Zellner was second, Joey St. Louis finished third, and Brandon Leedy was fourth.

Steve "Beach Ball" Brown made the best start in the Third Division Main Event and was in front entering turn one. His lead was short-lived, however, as Kevin Fife went by as they exited turn two. Fife opened up a comfortable lead and cruised to the victory. Brown held on to second, Kip McClain was third, and C.J. Sanborn finished fourth.

Dillon Ruml was the initial leader in the Youth 250cc Main Event, but his older brother, Max Ruml, was in close pursuit. Max Ruml was patient for two laps, but went by Dillon Ruml at the halfway point. Dillon Ruml didn't give up, but was unable to retake the lead. Max Ruml was first to the checkered flag, Dillon Ruml finished second, Broc Nicol was third, Kurtis Hamill finished fourth, and Hayley Perrault was fifth.

Maverick Molloy led the Youth 200cc Main Event for one lap, but Nicol deftly weaved through traffic to take the lead. Nicol ran away from the pack after that and was victorious. Perrault finished second, Michael Wells was third, Dalton Leedy finished fourth, Chase Sanborn was fifth, and Molloy was sixth.

Jimmy Fishback IV led all four laps en route to victory in the Pee Wee Main Event. Sara Cords finished second, Luke Whitcomb was third, and Mikey Ortega finished fourth.


Pee Wee Main Event
275 - Jimmy Fishback IV
14 - Sara Cords
27 - Luke Whitcomb
000 - Mikey Ortega

Youth 200cc Main Event
98 - Broc Nicol 10
0 - Hayley Perrault 10
214 - Michael Wells 0
222 - Dalton Leedy 10
108 - Chase Sanborn 0
34 - Maverick Molloy 0(fell)

Youth 250cc Main Event
308 - Max Ruml
111 - Dillon Ruml
98 - Broc Nicol
104 - Kurtis Hamill
0 - Hayley Perrault

Third Division Consolation
157 – Tony DeAlmeida
220 – Tom Bryant
188 – Rick Howard
164 – Dillon Osborne (non starter)

Third Division Main Event
311 - Kevin Fife
211 - Steve Brown
316 - Kip McClain
393 - C.J. Sanborn

Second Division Consolation (restarted)
192 – Mitch Pierson
37 – Joe Donaldson
116 – Chris Jones (penalty line)
349 – Dan Eddy
333 – Mike Salyer (engine failure)
326 – Mark Lane (non starter)

Second Division Main Event
113 - Gabe Price
163 - Rohn Zellner
313 - Joey St. Louis
151 - Brandon Leedy (fell)

First Division Heat Scoring1234T
6 – Shawn McConnell 333110
9 – Mike Faria 232310
11 – Bobby Schwartz 2R 024
14 – Eddie Castro 32128
23 – Steve Russell R 1102
25 – Jimmy Fishback 323311
28 – Joey Holt 10214
41 – John Marquez 11327
46 – Aaron Fox 11125
48 – Tyson Talkington 10102
63 – Michael Raines 232310
104 – Billy Hamill 333312
105 – Danny Faria 02013
113 – Gabe Price 02002
195 – Drew Coats 2F114
293 – Rick Valdez 01001

Race Results
1: McConnell, Raines, Holt, Price (fell, remounted)
2: Castro, M.Faria, Talkington, Valdez (fell, remounted)
3: Hamill, Schwartz, Fox, Russell (retired)
5: Fishback, Coats, Marquez, D.Faria
13: Raines, D.Faria, Valdez, Schwartz (retired)
14: M.Faria, Castro, Fox, Holt
16: McConnell, Price, Russell, Coats (fell)
17: (restarted) Hamill, Fishback, Marquez, Talkington
27: Hamill, Raines, Coats, Schwartz
28: Fishback, Holt, Castro, Valdez
29: Marquez, M.Faria, Fox, Price (fell, remounted)
30: McConnell, Talkington, Russell, D.Faria
33: M.Faria, Schwartz, Coats, Valdez
34: Raines, Fox, McConnell, Talkington
35: Hamill, Marquez, Holt, Russell
37: Fishback, Castro, D.Faria, Price
Runoff: M.Faria, McConnell, Raines

First Division Last Chance (restarted)
6 - Shawn McConnell
14 - Eddie Castro
41 - John Marquez
63 - Michael Raines (penalty line)

First Division Main Event
9 - Mike Faria
104 - Billy Hamill
25 - Jimmy Fishback
6 - Shawn McConnell

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