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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

South Janniro Wins Grueling 25 Lap Main Event
Fast Friday’s Motorcycle Speedway
Michael Kirby (Story & Photos)
Auburn, California - July 29, 2011

One endurance event needs to be added to the list of challenging physical contests that defines Auburn California as the Endurance Capital of the World. Along with numerous running, cycling, and equestrian races held here the 25 lap main event held once a year at Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway, should not be overlooked as a demanding endurance event.

Iron man Billy Janniro stood on the track drenched in perspiration and breathing like he had just finished running a couple of miles after completing the grueling 25 lap handicap main event. Janniro overtook Bob Hicks on lap 24 to take the checkered flag in a thrilling event finish. Hicks led most of the race chased closely by Bart Bast and then Janniro. Janniro passed Bast on about the eighth lap putting him in second place then on the last lap made his move, passed Hicks, and took the checkered flag. Bast finished second and Hicks settled for third. The handicap distances were doubled and Janniro started 120 yards off the start line. It was an exciting event that tested the endurance and skill of these speedway kings. Also in the 25 lap event was Charlie Venegas, Tommy Hedden, Alex Marcucci, and JJ Martynse.

Charlie Venegas proved to be the fastest man of the night winning the Division I Scratch main event. Venegas was able to get a good gate out of lane three, take the lead, and hold off Janniro for the entire race. "I had a little luck on my side, it was just my night tonight, it felt pretty good," said Venegas. "I always put in 110 percent on the scratch side each week, I don't always get that out, but I did tonight, the track was moist tonight and guys like me like that," said Venegas. Venegas faced Janniro who drew lane two, Bast in lane four and Alex Marcucci out of lane one. Janniro held on to second, Bast was third, and Marcucci was fourth.

In Division II it was the "Young Tigress" Rachalle Kerr, Auburn's hometown girl that took the honors. Kerr, a crowd favorite, picked up her second Division II main event win since reviving her speedway-racing career in week five of the season. PJ Bryne was second and Jeff Irwin was third. The Division III main event was won by Bryce Taddy, second was Will McCloskey, and third was Derik Denzin.

After the July 15 meeting at Fast Fridays Bart Bast is leading the Division I points standing with 1458, followed by Billy Janniro with 1311, Charlie Venegas at 1051 and Bob Hicks with 1028. Richard Fehrman tops Division II with 523 followed by Mike Achilles at 451, and Mellor with 438. In a very close contest Kevin Chapman leads Division III with 492, Chris Casey closely follows with 480 and Will McCloskey has 440.

In the Youth A main event Jamison Dilkey picked up his first main event win of the season, second was Tanner Kane.

The Youth B main event was won by Luke Becker, followed by Colton Hicks in second.

Results from Fast Fridays 7-29-11

Division 1 Scratch Main Event
1-Charlie Venegas, 2-Billy Janniro, 3-Bart Bast, 4-Alex Marcucci

Division I (25 Lap) Handicap Main Event
1-Billy Janniro, 2-Bart Bast 3-Bob Hicks

Division II Main Event
1-Rachalle Kerr, 2-PJ Bryne, 3-Jeff Irwin

Division III Main Event
1-Bryce Taddy, 2-Will McCloskey, 3-Derik Denzin

Youth Division A
1-Jamison Dilkey 2-Tanner Kane 3-David Mersaroli, 4-Joe Hernandez

Youth Division B
1-Luke Becker 2-Colton Hicks 3- Daniel Casey

Photos Michael Kirby

Bart Bast Auburn's Bart Bast was second in the 25 lap handicap main event and leads all Division I riders in the Fast Friday's points race.
Billy Janniro 2010 US National Speedway champion Billy Janniro pulled of an impressive win in the last lap of the 25-lap handicap main event.
Charlie Venegas Charlie Venegas picked up his second Division I scratch main event of the Fast Friday's 2011 season Friday night.
Fast Fridays Speedway Division I scratch semi-final heat. (L-R) Bart Bast, Matt Drury, Tommy Hedden, and Billy Janniro. Janniro won the 25-lap handicap main event and was second in the scratch main event.
Rachalle Kerr Auburn native Rachalle Kerr celebrates her second Division II main event win of the 2011 season.
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