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Industry Speedway
The Grand Industry Hills Expo Center
City of Industry, California

2009 Industry Speedway Track Championship
September 9 2009 - Industry Speedway
By: Ryan Evans

“Battling” Buck Blair turned in a flawless performance and captured the 2009 Industry Speedway Track Championship.

Blair and Charlie “The Edge” Venegas both entered the Final undefeated. Blair won the coin toss for gate choice and wisely selected the pole. Blair launched off the line in front with Venegas entering turn one on the outside. Blair quickly surged ahead on the back straight and left the California State Champion to battle the rest of the field for second. The Colorado native pulled away from everyone and cruised to the title. Tommy Hedden, just back from his U.S. Open victory in New York, finished second, “Fast” Eddie Castro was third, Venegas finished fourth, and Gary Hicks was fifth.

Blair kicked off the heats by beating Jimmy “Little Animal” Fishback for his first win. Shawn McConnell held off Tommy Hedden in the second heat. Venegas stalked and passed “Flyin” Mike Faria to win the third heat. Hicks came from behind for a narrow victory over Bobby “Boogaloo” Schwartz to end round one.

Venegas started round two by beating Russell Green for his second straight victory. Hicks made it two in a row with a win over Fishback in the next heat.

Blair was leading heat 12 with McConnell behind him before Tyson Burmeister charged under McConnell entering turn three the second time. McConnell and Burmeister clashed with Burmeister hitting the ground hard. The Dream Team member was down several minutes before getting to his feet and restarting. Blair easily won the restart with Burmeister getting an uncontested second. Burmeister withdrew from the meeting due from an injury suffered in the crash.

Faria ended the second round by beating Castro.

Blair began the final round by beating Jason Ramirez for his third straight win. Castro beat Brad Pappalardo in the next heat. Venegas used the outside to pass Fishback and held on to match Blair’s perfect score. Hedden beat Hicks in the final heat.

Venegas won the first semi with Hicks following him into the main event. Blair and Hedden finished one-two in the second semi to transfer to the main. Castro won the Last Chance to book the final spot in the main.

Drew Coats led the Second Division Track Championship Final for nearly two laps, but Kyle Hicks came underneath him, pushed him wide, and took the lead while Coats went down. The referee allowed the race to continue and Hicks romped off with the victory. Joey Holt was second, Butch Waymire finished third, and Coats was credited with fourth.

Chris Jones led all four laps and captured the Third Division Track Championship Final. Kevin Johnson finished second, Kris Harlow was third, DeWayne Stark finished fourth, Rod Requejo was fifth, and Paul Thornton finished sixth.

Samuel Ramirez led from start to finish and claimed victory in the Youth Track Championship Final. Nicky Reimer was second and Elijah Harrison-Hicks finished third.

Victoria Matthews led the Pee Wee Track Championship Final before Nick Varner took the lead on the back straight. Varner led for two laps before Samuel Ramirez took the lead. Samuel Ramirez led the rest of the way to take the victory. Reimer finished second, Varner was third, Matthews finished fourth, and Alexis Harrison-Hicks was fifth.

Brian Motis and Brandi McElroy got the best start and kept everyone at bay to win the Sidecar Track Championship Final. Sean Driggers and Missy Driggers were second, Gerard Jackson and Dave German finished third, and Joe Jones and Jimmy Olsen were fourth.

This was the final event of Industry Speedway’s Summer Schedule. The next event at the venue will be the first of three consecutive Winter Season races on Saturday, November 28.


Sidecar Main Event
  4 - Brian Motis/Brandi McElroy
 23 - Sean Driggers/Missy Driggers
 66 - Gerard Jackson/Dave German	(retired)
  1 - Joe Jones/Jimmy Olsen 		(retired)

Pee Wee Main Event
 22 - Samuel Ramirez 			30
 41 - Nicky Reimer 			30
  3 - Nick Varner 			10
  6 - Victoria Matthews 		10
 00 - Alexis Harrison-Hicks 		0

Youth Track Championship Final
 22 - Samuel Ramirez
 41 - Nicky Reimer
  3 - Elijah Harrison-Hicks
356 - Mazwell Ruml 			(non starter)

Third Division Track Championship Final
116 - Chris Jones 			0
122 - Kevin Johnson 			0
255 - Kris Harlow 			0
268 - DeWayne Stark 			10
131 - Rod Requejo 			10
124 - Paul Thornton 			10

Second Division Track Championship
103 - Kyle Hicks
244 - Joey Holt 
363 - Butch Waymire 
195 - Drew Coats 			(fell)

First Division Scoring 	1 	2 	3 	T
  3 - Gary Hicks 	3 	3 	2 	8
  6 - Shawn McConnell 	3 	Nr 	N 	3
  9 - Mike Faria 	2 	3 	0 	5
 11 - Bobby Schwartz 	2 	0 	1 	3
 14 - Eddie Castro 	1 	2 	3 	6
 25 - Jimmy Fishback 	2 	2 	1 	5
 39 - Buck Blair 	3 	3 	3 	9
 40 - Tommy Hedden 	2 	1 	3 	6
 43 - Charlie Venegas 	3 	3 	3 	9
 66 - Jason Ramirez 	0 	1 	2	3
141 - Josh Abbott 	0 	1 	0 	1
145 - Brad Pappalardo 	0 	0 	2 	2
181 - Austin Novratil 	R 	N 	N 	0
184 - Tyson Burmeister 	1 	2 	N 	3
221 - Gino Manzares 	1 	Nr 	2 	3
321 - Russell Green 	1 	2 	1 	4

Race Results
 1: Blair, Fishback, Green, Abbott
 2: McConnell, Hedden, Castro, Pappalardo
 3: Venegas, Faria, Manzares, Ramirez
 4: Hicks (tape penalty), Schwartz, Burmeister (tape penalty x2), Novratil (retired)
10: Venegas, Green, Hedden, Schwartz
11: Hicks, Fishback, Ramirez, Pappalardo
12: (restarted twice) Blair, Burmeister, McConnell (non starter - restart), Manzares (non starter - restart)
13: Faria, Castro (tape penalty), Abbott, Novratil (non starter) 
17: Blair, Ramirez, Green, Faria
18: Castro, Pappalardo, Schwartz, Burmeister (non starter)
19: Venegas, Manzares, Fishback, Abbott
20: Hedden, Hicks (fell, remounted), McConnell (non starter), Novratil (non starter)

Semi #1: Venegas, Hicks, Fishback, Faria
Semi #2: Blair, Hedden, Castro, Green

First Division Last Chance
 14 - Eddie Castro
321 - Russell Green
 25 - Jimmy Fishback 
  9 - Mike Faria 		(non starter)

First Division Track Championship Final
 39 - Buck Blair
 40 - Tommy Hedden
 14 - Eddie Castro
 43 - Charlie Venegas
  3 - Gary Hicks 		(retired)
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