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Champion Speedway
Owego, New York

Champion - Owego, New York - July 26, 2009
By Jason Bonsignore - Eastern Speedway Promotions

King of Speedway Final Champion Speedway

Riders were placed into finals listed below based on points for entire weekend.

Champion Speedway

Alex Heath led the first try but spun around in a 360 in front of the pack which led to a spectacular crash. First Gary Hesmer went down, then Crawford hit him followed by Cornell going over everyone. Heath and Crawford could not make the restart.

1. G. Hesmer
2. Engel
3. Cornell
4. Crawford
5. Heath

1. Harmatiuk
2. W. Diem
3. J. Diem
4. C. Hesmer
5. Bonsignore DNS-Earned position

Hollenbeck lost a runoff to Buman to be the 5th rider in the A-Mains
1. Hollenbeck
2. Harman
3. Gomez
4. Clark
5. Donholt DNS-Earned position

A-Finals Mittl was leading by 2 points overall going into the A-Mains

Race 1
1. McBride
2. Ermolenko
3. Buman
4. A. Hesmer
5. Mittl EF

Race 2
1. Ermolenko
2. McBride
3. Hesmer
4. Mittl
5. Buman

Race 3
1. Ermolenko ../rw/udukie_e.htm
2. Hesmer
3. Buman
4. Mittl
5. McBride

Race 4
1. Ermolenko
2. McBride
3. Mittl
4. Buman
5. Hesmer

Dukie Ermolenko was the overall champion with 55 points, McBride and Mittl were tied for second with 45 and Mittl won a runoff. Aaron Hesmer was fourth with 42 and Buman fifth.

Sup B Overall win went to Don Wheeland and Support A went to Katalin Davis.

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