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Action Park Speedway
Greene, New York

Action Park - Green, NY USA - June 6, 2008
Eastern Speedway Promotions

The new clay made a good difference in the track and held up really well considering it was laid down two days before the event.

A huge thank you to Tim Mathewson, Russ Cornell and Andy Crawford for all of their hard work to get it ready. The clay was wet from rain when it was dropped off which made for a very tough job. The track was noticeably better and now with more time to mix the surface and spread more of it the track will be even nicer next race.

There were no problem with the lights and it did turn out to be NYSEGS problem. We were down a bit on crowd size and rider turnout. The rider turnout was due mostly to guys with equipment problems or other commitments but maybe the switch to Fridays had an effect on the spectators. The heat wave was pretty uncomfortable also though and may have played a part. Crowd wasn't terrible but we were down. The show seemed to come off fairly well for what we had. We will stick with the next couple planned Fridays and see what sort of turnout there is and then will make a decision on a possible switch back to the traditional Saturday nights at APE. The Rambling Pig/Trackside Lounge will be open this week it seems, they got town approvals this past week and should have the health permit next week.

Congratulations to Casey Donholt for winning the Scratch Main and especially to Lenny McBride who returned to the winners circle for the first time in 4 years as he won the handicap main and was also second in the scratch. Henry Calpin and Roger Roberts did a great job winning their classes as well.

Special thanks to Jon Stasiefski who had donated $250.00 to our purse increase program for the first week and we used the money last night. Martin Barondick also donated $250.00 which will be used in the near future. Next Saturday's Larry McBride Memorial at Champion Speedway looks to be HUGE...we will have a live radio remote with WAAL at the track that evening plus a live band, Highway Fruit Market, which two members used to be with the well known Action Park band from the 80's-The Hurt Locker Band. The rider lineup is unreal WITH 18 DIVISION ONE riders already saying they are riding and looks to include Cam Rafferty, Tom Burge and Craig Estelle amongst many others.

Action Park, June 6, 2008

Scratch Main
1. Casey Donholt Port Crane, NY
2. Lenny McBride Windsor, NY
3. Tuff McBride Windsor, NY
4. Adam Mittl Endicott, NY
5. Mikey Buman Binghamton, NY

Handicap Main
1. Lenny McBride Windsor, NY
2. Tuff McBride Windsor, NY
3. Mikey Buman Binghamton, NY
4. Keith Hawkins Nichols, NY
5. Casey Donholt Port Crane, NY
6. Adam Mitt Endicott, NY

1. Henry Calpin Scranton, PA
2. Brian Bailey Newark Valley, NY
3. Henry Hanzo Oakridge, NJ
4. Tracy Dean Newark Valley, NY

Junior Speedway
1. Roger Roberts Johnson City, NY
2. Spencer Portararo Newark Valley, NY

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