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1995 North America Speedway History

1995 Championship Winners
US National Speedway Champion - Greg Hancock
Canadian National Champion - John Kehoe
Ohio State Speedway Champion - Scotty Brown
Indiana State Speedway Champion - Scotty Brown
US Open Speedway Champion - Scotty Brown

North America National Speedway Champions
1995 Race Results
1995 California Results
Gary Ford - may he long be remembered.

News from California Oct. 19, 1995

Bobby Schwartz announced earlier this year that, after 22 years of speedway, he would retire from regular competition at the end of the season. He did add that he would still compete occasionally. He has not made it clear what he will do with the rest of his time. Unlike some of the other top American speedway riders, Bobby has not established a business to take up when his racing career ends. As far as I am aware, he has not developed other marketable skills, which is why, I believe, he is still riding speedway. I would be surprised if he shows up in the British League, having said he wants to retire. Although he can compete with the Greg Hancocks around Costa Mesa's 180 yard track, it should be pointed out that he practises at Costa Mesa more often than Hancock does. I am not sure I would agree that he is still among the top 20 riders in the world. Mike Faria was winning more than Bobby here last year and British riders don't seem to be letting Mike walk away with too much! It will be interesting to see what he means by occasionally.

News from California Sept. 19, 1995

News on Randy Evans is not good. He is still in a coma. They started a collection on the Friday meeting the week before the National, at Costa Mesa and raised over $2,000. They collected more during the National, including Greg Hancock's $300 heat winnings. Its good to hear that Canadian riders Gary, and Chris Hesmer, are coming here next year. I recall Mike Faria introducing me to one of the them who was here last April, I believe accompanied by one of my fellow countrymen. (English).RAZ Video has the National on tape at $30.00. You may want to call them at (818) 449 1175 as they have a list of events on video and do three tapes for the price of two type deals. Or you can send for a free catalog to:
Raz Video
E. Walnut St.
Pasadena, CA 91107.
I'm not sure what is happening over the track closings. I fear its a stalemate. Gene Woods, the Victorville promoter said he will run sidecars and sportsmans class speedway next season. I am sure that Victorville will re-open. Its a viable business, with a regular crowd of 2000-3000 and Gene is a very good promoter. Glen Helen is less likely to succeed. Jim Fishback, the promoter there, was a much better rider than promoter! He did not keep it running on time, it went on far too late. The track was a mess and they needed more lighting. Maybe they'll find another promoter. Interestingly, I sat next to a fellow from Denver Colorado at the National. He told me they have a regular speedway program there, as part of other activities. His state championship is Oct 7 and I might see if I can arrange my business to go and check it out.

Gary Robert's views of racing in California in 1995

Speedway is not at well attended now as it was a decade ago, and 4 evenings racing has diminished to 2. There are three tracks but two hold meetings on Friday, halving the available riders. I get the impression there is not much cooperation between the two, which does not help the sport, but I remain enthusiastic about the future. There are several talented young riders coming along. The Long Beach track was sadly paved over and made into a running track 6 or 8 years ago. A real shame, it was a very nice track. I never understood why they didn't hold regular weekly meetings there instead of the one or two per year. There are one or two riders who only race speedway for a living in California, maybe not from choice, unemployment there is high, but the vast majority see speedway as a hobby sport from which they do not expect to make money. I believes that remuneration of $200 to $300 is possible from main events (similar to Canada).


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