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Big Time Speedway

Prairie City OHV Park
13300 White Rock Road
Rancho Cordova CA 95742

21 and under National Championship
Big Time Speedway - November 5, 2016
Prairie City OHV Park, Rancho Cordova, CA

YouTube Video - Thanks to Anthony Bernardi

Big Time Speedway hosted the “21 and under National Championship" on November 5 2016. The field of riders was small, but whatever it lacked in quantity, it excelled in quality. The winner was Northern California's Luke Becker. Luke was unbeaten all evening. He has been racing at Prairie City in pretty much every event and his past successes there have included wins over AMA National Champion Billy Janniro, so his track experience paid off. Runner up was Max Ruml, the winner of the past 3 successive Under 21 National Championships. Maxwell's brother Dillon Ruml was third.

With only 8 competitors there was no easy championship format. The format used was 4 rounds of 2 heats. As is the norm at Big Time Speedway events, the points scored were 4, 3, 2, 1.

Unofficial points scored:

Luke Becker     4 4 4 4   16
Dillon Ruml      3 3 4 3   13
Gage Geist      4 3 3 3   13
Max Ruml       0 4 3 4   11
Kurtis Hamill     3 2 2 2   9
Jeremy Estes    2 2 1 2   7
Jamison Dilkey   2 1 2 1   6
Hayley Perrault  1 1 1 1   4

The second heat put together the three top riders, Becker and the two Rumls. Maxwell took off early, hitting the tapes and was disqualified, causing his score of 0 for his first ride. He and Luke met again in heat 5, with Luke achieving a convincing win.

The top 5 went to the main event, the remainder to the consolation.

Consolation result:
1. Jamison Dilkey
2. Jeremy Estes
3. Hayley Perrault

Main event:
1. Luke Becker
2. Max Ruml
3. Kurtis Hamill
4. Dillon Ruml
5. Gage Geist

Luke Becker started from the inside position and made the fastest gate. Max Ruml started from the outside position and got a terrible gate, but moved up through the field and was actually closing on Luke in the last lap. Gage Geist who was running in third place retired with a broken bike.

That's it now for Northern California Speedway for another year. Merry Xmas, happy 2017 to all.

Gary Roberts – groberts@iee.org

Colfax, CA, USA

Photos by Karen at Checkered Flag Photos

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