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Big Time Speedway
Prairie City OHV Park
Rancho Cordova, California

Golden State Speedway Series
Round 4: Prairie City Dirt Track - September 13, 2014
By Gary Roberts

Last night Big Time Speedway held Round 4 of 5, of the Golden State Speedway Series. With each event we have witnessed an increased crowd and increased field of riders. The track had its challenges, yet remained consistent through the event.

As expected the top division1 rider was Billy Janniro. There was good racing in all 3 divisions, plus youth riders. It was encouraging to see Colfax rider Tyler Warren drop only one point to Janniro. The previous night, in the run off for second place, at the Auburn Track Championship, Bart Bast did what looked impossible and came out of nowhere to get past Tommy Hedden between turn 4 and the finish line. Tyler Warren did exactly the same thing in his last race, to get past what looked like certain winner Chris Kerr.

Danny Faria dropped a point to Bryce Starks and one to Warren . The format did not enable him to compete with Janniro. This was because there were only 14 riders. What a difference if only 2 more riders were available, a full 20 heat format would be possible. How about it, absent riders?

It was good to see Chris Kerr, David Fonts, Fred Cook and Greg Hooten back in action. Kerr will be making a rare appearance at Auburn next Friday at the National Championship.

Unofficial results:

Division 1
Billy Janniro 16
Tyler Warren 15
Danny Faria 14
Chris Kerr 13
Bryce Starks 13
JT Mabry 11
David Fonts 10
Greg Hooten 10
Kyle Marsalla 10
Jamison Dilkey 9
Thomas Reich 8
Nick Dion 8
Fred Cook 7
Shawn Eldridge 7

Division 2
Nick Dion 12
Eddie Marsalla 10
Lawrence McNutt 7
Shane Loessberg 4
Brian Leventon 3

Division 3
William McCloskey 12
John Gauthreaux 8
Tim Dion 7

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