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Victorville Speedway
San Bernardino County Fairgrounds
Victorville, California

Harley Night
August 4, 2012 - Victorville
Results By Steve Evans

Division 1 Main:
1st Max Ruml
2nd Jason Ramirez
3rd Russell Green

Support Main:
1st Dillon Ruml

Ruml's ruled the desert! Courtesy of Dave Delbridge, here is how Saturday played out. It was a very low rider turn out but once more some excellent racing.

Heat 6 Division 1: Ruml, Green, St Louis, Bowen. Ramirez broke a chain early on.
Heat 8 Mini Bikes: Davis, Shockley, Cords (father)
Heat 9 Support: Ruml, Bowen, Meyerscough, Davis, Trout, Hansen, Egli
Heat 10 Pee Wee: Cords (40 yd hdcp), Shockley, Trout
Heat 11 Division 1: Ramirez, Ruml, Green, Meyercough, St louis
Heat 17 Division 1: Ruml, Ramirez, Green, St louis, Bowen
Heat 19 Mini Bikes: Davis, Shockley, Cords
Heat 20 Support: Ruml, Meyerscough, Bowen, Davis, Hansen, Trout, Egli
Heat 21 Pee Wee: Cords, Shockley, Trout
Heat 22 Division 1: Ruml, Ramirez, Green, St Louis, Meyerscough
Last Man Out: Ruml, Ramirez, St Louis, Green

# 29 Mini Bike Main: Davis, Troutt, Cords, and Sara Cords too. unsure who took 2nd & 3rd

# 30 Support Main: Dillon Ruml, Meyerscough, Bowen, Hansen, Davis, Trout. Egli scratched

# 31 Pee Wee Main: Sara Cords, Troutt, Shockley. Troutt was spectacular nearly winning the race by holding on the inside just next to Cords for a lap and a half before she pulled ahead for the win.

# 32 Division 1 Main: Max Ruml, Ramirez, Green, St Louis, Bowen

More notes:
Ruml was on his game all night being pressured by some great racing. However never let off the gas and came out on top only dropping 1 point all night. Bowen, Ruml, Meyerscough did not mind being handicapped in support races. They were fantastic to see them prevail in 7 man heats. St Louis rode extremely well in Division 1.

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