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Victorville Speedway
San Bernardino County Fairgrounds
Victorville, California

Firecracker Derby
July 3, 2010 - Victorville
By: Ryan Evans

“Battling” Buck Blair and Robbie Sauer both took home main event victories from the Firecracker Derby at Wheel2Wheel Raceway in Victorville.

Blair got a lightning-quick start from gate one in the Scratch Main to take the lead. “Fast” Eddie Castro tried the high line through the first corner and then switched back to the low line in turns three and four to try to get past the leader, but the Colorado native found ample traction to maintain his lead. They would prove to be the only chances that Castro would get. He remained within striking distance, but Blair afforded him no opportunities and sped to victory. Castro settled for second, Tim Gomez finished third, and Michael Hull was fourth.

Robbie Sauer started at the front of the Handicap Main field and his lead appeared tenuous, at best, when Gomez stuck a wheel underneath him entering turn one. Robbie Sauer took the lead back on the back straight. He then drifted up into his preferred outside line in turn three and secured the lead at the end of lap one. Blair also went to the outside and went around Gomez for second. Blair immediately set his sights on the leader and had plenty of time to work on him. Robbie Sauer was equal to the task, however, and none of Blair’s attacks over three laps could shake the Bakersfield native’s composure. Robbie Sauer went on to score an impressive victory, Gomez stole second from Blair at the finish line, and Castro finished fourth.

The final four riders in the Holeshot Challenge were cut to three when Brad Sauer was the first rider eliminated. Gomez was the next rider eliminated, leaving Castro and Tyson Talkington in the final battle to see which rider could get to the back straight first. Castro shot from the line first and beat his younger competitor to the stripe for the win.

Aaron Fox and Dylan Black waged an awesome wheel-to-wheel battle throughout the entire four-lap Second Division Main Event. Fox used the high line while Black stuck to the low line. As they exited the final corner Fox found just enough traction to narrowly defeat Black at the finish line. Rick Fritch finished third and Jim Robinson was fourth.

Arie Gardner led the first three laps of the Third Division Main Event, but Tony DeAlmeida made a bold outside move in turn two and took the lead. DeAlmeida led the rest of the way to take the win. Mike Schultz also passed Gardner to get second.

Max Ruml defeated Gabe Price in the Youth First Division Main Event.

A crash involving Nick Varner and Hayley Perrault brought the red flag in the Youth Second Division Main Event and a damaged machine prevented Perrault from participating in the restart. Dylan Ruml led the restart from start to finish and claimed the victory ahead of Varner.

Julie Morrison stalked Pedro Concepcion for over three laps and her determination paid off as she took the lead in the final corner to win the Pee Wee/Powder Puff Main Event. Sahara McGuire finished third.

National Champions Joe Jones and Jimmy Olsen led all four laps en route to victory in the Sidecar Main Event. Dylan Beard and Edwin Soto were second, Joe Petraglovic and Mike Moreno finished third, and Scott Driggers and Casey Driggers finished fourth.

The next speedway event at Wheel2Wheel Raceway is Saturday, July 17 and will include the annual Pit Stop Contest.


Sidecar Main Event 
1 - Joe Jones/Jimmy Olsen 
5150 - Dylan Beard/Edwin Soto 
 00 - Joe Petraglovic/Mike Moreno 
 13 - Scott Driggers/Casey Driggers

Pee Wee/Powder Puff Main Event 
11 - Julie Morrison 
0 - Pedro Concepcion 
06 - Sahara McGuire 

Youth Second Division Main Event (restarted) 
111 - Dillon Ruml 
333 - Nick Varner 		(non starter) 
0 - Doug Perrault 		(non starter - restart) 

Youth First Division Main Event
308 – Max Ruml
13 – Gabe Price

Third Division Main Event 
157 - Tony DeAlmeida 
292 - Mike Schultz 
174 - Arie Gardner 

Second Division Main Event 
146 - Aaron Fox 
201 - Dylan Black 
288 - Rick Fritch 
152 - Jim Robinson 

Holeshot Challenge 
14 - Eddie Castro 
220 - Tyson Talkington 
30 - Tim Gomez 
21 - Brad Sauer 

Handicap Main Event 
17 - Robbie Sauer 		20 
30 - Tim Gomez 		30 
39 - Buck Blair 		40 
14 - Eddie Castro 		40 

Scratch Main Event 
39 - Buck Blair 
14 - Eddie Castro 
30 - Tim Gomez 
320 - Michael Hull
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