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September 18, 2009 - IMS, San Bernardino
By: Ryan Evans

Tommy Hedden and Billy Janniro both travelled from Northern California and captured main event victories at Inland Motorsports Speedway presented by Bully Dog.

The first attempt to complete the Scratch Main Event ended in a heap in turn one with three riders hitting the deck. The restart had tight quarters in turn one as well, but everyone emerged upright and it was Hedden who led down the back straight. Janniro chased him on the outside, but locked up in turn four and lost a chain in the process. Hedden’s MXRC Racing teammate, Jimmy Fishback, took up the chase from there, but couldn’t make up any ground on the leader. Hedden was first to the checkered flag, Fishback finished second, Buck Blair was third, Jason Ramirez finished fourth, and Janniro was credited with fifth.

Rick Valdez led the eight-rider Handicap Main Event for one lap before Josh Abbott took over. A crash in turn one brought the race to a halt. Three riders were unable to restart due to sore body or broken machine. Abbott led the restart for three laps before Janniro, who had made a valiant outside charge from the back, took over the lead. Once the National Champion was in front the fight was for second. Janniro cruised the final four laps for the win, Fishback finished second, Hedden was third, Abbott finished fourth, and Valdez was fifth.

Joey Holt got the best start in the Second Division Main Event and led all four laps en route to the victory. Justin Weeks was second, Drew Coats finished third, and Steve Dziadus was fourth.

Chris Jones put together four smooth laps and went home victorious in the Third Division Main Event. Mike Wiley finished second, Steve Brown was third, and Andy Schwarm finished fourth.

Seventy-seven year old Hugh Randolph thrilled the crowd by collecting a victory in the Second Division Consolation.

Nick Varner was victorious in the Pee Wee Main Event. William Ballasteros finished second and Hanna Smith was third.


Pee Wee Main Event 
  3 - Nick Varner 
  7 - William Ballasteros 
  9 - Hanna Smith 

Third Division Consolation 
308 - Hugh Randolph 
226 - Rick Huspek 

Third Division Main Event 
116 - Chris Jones 
101 - Mike Wiley 
211 - Steve Brown 
369 - Andy Schwarm 

Second Division Consolation 
274 - Bubba Vazzana 
100 - Phil Harmatiuk 

Second Division Main Event (restarted) 
244 - Joey Holt 
257 - Justin Weeks 
195 - Drew Coats 		(penalty line) 
212 - Steve Dziadus 

Handicap Main Event (restarted) 
  1 - Billy Janniro 		50 
 25 - Jimmy Fishback 		40 
 40 - Tommy Hedden 		40 
141 - Josh Abbott 		10 
293 - Rick Valdez 		10 
 39 - Buck Blair 		40	(non starter - restart) 
149 - Philip Harmatiuk 		10	(non starter - restart) 
 14 - Eddie Castro 		40	(non starter -restart) 

First Division Last Chance 
 66 - Jason Ramirez 
321 - Russell Green 
145 - Brad Pappalardo 
184 - Tyson Burmeister 		(retired) 

Scratch Main Event (restarted) 
 40 - Tommy Hedden 
 25 - Jimmy Fishback 
 39 - Buck Blair 
 66 – Jason Ramirez 
  1 - Billy Janniro 		(retired)
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