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AMA Long Track Speedway National Championship
Stark County Fairgrounds
Canton, Ohio

AMA Long Track Speedway National Championship
Presented by the Bike Days Motorcycle Club
Canton, OH May 23, 2009
By Scotty Brown

Jeff Orosz came out on top at the AMA/USA Speedway Long Track National Championship, Saturday May 23, 2009 at the Stark County Fairgrounds in Canton, Ohio for the third year in a row. The Long Track National was organized by Scotty Brown and the Bike Days Motorcycle Club www.bikedays.com and is sponsored by Freedom Harley Davidson, Miller Lite Racing, Applied Innovations, Barnett Clutch, Dixie International, K-K Motorcycle Supply, Moose Racing, NJK Leathers, Oury Grip, PJ’s Fabricating and Wiseco Piston. The championship ran in conjunction with the AMA Flat Track Motorcycle Races and Swap Meet at the BIKE DAYS 7th annual meet. It was a warm and sunny 83 degree Memorial Weekend, with perfect conditions on the half mile limestone cushion track. Eighteen of North Americas’ finest Long Track Riders assembled in Canton traveling from Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Canada competed for the National Championship. Brian Fowler of the Brian and Joe morning radio show and Bob Sigler were the announcers on hand to call the action.

This was not an easy victory for Orosz due to the motor trouble he experienced in the second round of heats which sent him to the Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ). Pennsylvania rider Warren Diem and Chad Rall (son of Hall of Fame Rider Ronnie Rall) were tied with 28 points after the three rounds of heats. The heat race points were tabulated, transferring the top six riders into two Semi Finals, leaving six positions open for the top three finishers from each the Last Chance Qualifiers.

The National Long Track format consisted of three rounds of point gathering Heats, two Last Chance Qualifiers, two Semi Finals and an “A, B and C” Main.

Top three finishers of the heats were
Round 1
Heat 1 – 1st) #52x Chad Rall 2nd) #5 Rob Dixon 3rd) #53 Doug Horner
Heat 2 – 1st) #31 Jeff Orosz 2nd) #11 Glen Brown 3rd) #30 Dan Weicht
Heat 3 – 1st) #4 Warren Diem 2nd) #18 Chris Thomas 3rd) #52 Ronny Rall

Round 2
Heat 4 – 1st) #77 Jon Massie 2nd) #9 Marc Monroe 3rd) #110 Mike Hammond
Heat 5 – 1st) #30 Dan Weicht 2nd) #26 Dave Weicht 3rd) #45 Tim Murray
Heat 6 – 1st) #52x Chad Rall 2nd) #4 Warren Diem 3rd) #11 Glen Brown

Round 3
Heat 7 – 1st) #31 Jeff Orosz 2nd) #53 Doug Horner 3rd) #52 Ronny Rall
Heat 8 – 1st) #18 Chris Thomas 2nd) #5 Rob Dixon 3rd) #82 Chris Hathaway
Heat 9 – 1st) #4 Warren Diem 2nd) #52x Chad Rall 3rd) #11 Glen Brown

Jeff Orosz won the first LCQ with Jon Massie winning the second LCQ. “AMA Hall of Fame rider” Ronny Rall also made the cut by finishing third in the second LCQ.

Last Chance Qualifier 1
1st) #31 Jeff Orosz 2nd) #53 Doug Horner 3rd) #45 Tim Murray

Last Chance Qualifier 2
1st) #77 Jon Massie 2nd) #26 Dave Weicht 3rd) #52 Ronny Rall

In the first Semi Final, Jeff Orosz won followed by Chad Rall and Chris Thomas, transferring them directly to the A Main.

In the second Semi Final, Warren Diem won with Rob Dixon second and Glenn Brown third, also transferring them directly to the A Main.

The remaining six riders from the Semi Finals (4th through 6th), transferred to the B Main.

Semi Final 1
1st) #31 Jeff Orosz 2nd) #52x Chad Rall 3rd) #18 Chris Thomas

Semi Final 2
1st) #4 Warren Diem 2nd) #5 Rob Dixon 3rd) #11 Glen Brown

In the A final – Jeff Orosz took the early advantage with a great start. Warren Diem trailed in second and Chad Rall third. Diem made a great charge midway but it was too late, Orosz was the first to cross the finish line and win the Championship for the third time.
Mark your calendar for the California Speedway Long Track Championship held in Perris, California on July 11, 2009.
The Ohio Speedway Long Track Championship will be held in Wauseon, Ohio on Friday, July 17, 2009 combined with a great night of Antique Motorcycle racing at the 27th annual AMCA National meet at the Fulton County Fairgrounds in Wauseon, Ohio.
Visit www.bikedays.com for current information.

AMA/USA Speedway Long Track National Championship

Results of May 23, 2009

A MAIN FINAL: 1. Jeff Orosz (Jawa); 2. Warren Diem (Jawa); 3. Chad Rall (Jawa); 4. Rob Dixon (Jawa); 5. Chris Thomas (Jawa); 6. Glen Brown (Jawa).

B MAIN FINAL: 1. Dan Weicht (Jawa); 2. Tim Murray (Jawa); 3. Doug Horner (Jawa); 4. Ronny Rall (Jawa); 5. Dave Weicht (Jawa); 6. Jon Massie (Jawa).

C MAIN FINAL: 1. Mike Hammond (GM); 2. Chris Hathaway (Jawa); 3. Mike Callen (Jawa); 4. Rod Massie (Jawa); 5. Kevin Sexton (Jawa); 6. Heath Heston (Jawa).

AMA/USA Speedway Long Track National Championship

Final Standings of May 23, 2009

1st Jeff Orosz #31 Caistorville, ON Canada
2nd Warren Diem #4 Gap, PA
3rd Chad Rall #52x Mansfield, OH
4th Rob Dixon #5 Bowmanville, ON Canada
5th Chris Thomas #18 Mansfield, OH
6th Glen Brown #11 Utterson, ON Canada

7th Dan Weicht #30 North Webster, IN
8th Tim Murray #45 Niagara Falls, ON Canada
9th Doug Horner #53 Gates Mills, OH
10th Ronny Rall #52 Engadine, MI
11th Dave Weicht #26 Pierceton, IN
12th Jon Massie #77 Wooster, OH

13th Mike Hammond #110 Cambridge, ON Canada
14th Chris Hathaway #82 Syracuse, IN
15th Mike Callen #33e Galesburg, MI
16th Rod Massie #69 Wooster, OH
17th Kevin Sexton #60F Elyria, OH
18th Heath Heston #4x Lexington, OH

Jeff Orosz
Chad Rall #52 gets the hole shot with Warren Diem #4 in close pursuit as the eventual winner Jeff Orosz #1 motor goes away in the second round of heats at the AMA/USA Speedway Long Track National Championship during Bike Days in Canton, Ohio over Memorial weekend.
Photo by Mike Davis of Moto Lenz
2008 Long Track Podium
The three time National Champion Jeff Orosz celebrates with runner up Warren Diem, and third place finisher Chad Rall after the AMA/USA Speedway Long Track National Championship in Canton, Ohio.
Photo by Mike Davis of Moto Lenz
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