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2008 Mid America Speedway Results

June 14, 2008 - Mid America Speedway
Jim Terchila jimterchila@yahoo.com

Mid America Speedway, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA - June 14, 2008

We were finally able to get our first event of 2008 in.

This event was run in conjunction with the Indiana Flattrack Association which meant 14 classes in the night portion of the program. We were able to start on time and get 44 races complete in three and a half hours.

The track only required watering one time during the night program, and all of the riders complimented the track surface.

1. Wieslaw Osckiewicz
2. Paul Huggins
3. Joe Garrison
4. BJ Fesselmeyer

1. Todd Eads
2. Barry Benkert
3. Dan Weicht
4. Dave Weicht

1. Preston Dorfmeyer
2. Jim Terchila
3. Cory Eads
4. Chris Hathaway

Our next event is June 28th.

Jim Terchila jimterchila@yahoo.com


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