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2005 Springfield Speedway
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AMA Sports Speedway Grand Championship
Illinois State Fairgrounds
Springfield, Illinois

July 3, 2005 - Springfield, IL

"A" Main
1st Place - Jeremy Parsons #16
2nd Place - James Mann #2x
3rd Place - Jim Terchila #11
4th Place - Artur Taraszka #2

"B" Main
1st Place - Joe Garrison #666
3rd Place - Harold Hartke #29
4th Place - Dan Weicht

"C" Main
1st Place - B.J. Fesselmeyer - #33
2nd Place - Chris Hathaway #82
3rd Place - Brad Amburgey #13
4th Place - Mike Coombes #7

"D" Main
Not run because of numerous mechanical failures.

Also, there was a bit of a surprise when I went to the pits and told Racer Harold Hartke that AMA SPORTS wanted to interview him in the Grandstands.
His lovely lady friend Ramana had some Joyful tears when halfway through his (pre-planned) interview Mr. Hartke dropped to one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. She gladly accepted and the fans and racers all applauded. When they stepped back down to the track surface, my son Clayton and I presented Ramana with a dozen roses, and wished her the best from all the racers. It confirmed my faith in the closeness of the Motorcycle Racing Family

See Ya Soon, Drew Gatewood

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