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Billy Hamill to manage U.S. Speedway World Cup and Under-21 World Championship Teams
April 5, 2013

AMA Article

The AMA is pleased to announce that world and multi-time AMA Speedway champion Billy Hamill (right) will serve as the U.S. team manager for the 2013 Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) Speedway World Cup and Team Speedway Under-21 World Championship campaigns.

"Billy Hamill is among America's greatest speedway champions, and we're honored that he will help with the AMA's latest and most-focused effort to succeed at the sport's highest level," said AMA Vice President of Operations Jeff Massey.

In his role as team manager, Hamill will assist with team selection, advise the AMA on team management, serve as a mentor and coach for the riders, and develop team strategy for both FIM team world championships.

"I am pleased to have the opportunity to help elevate American speedway to an international level," Hamill said. "We accomplished a lot with qualifying for the Speedway World Cup in 2012 and hope to build on that success. We are looking toward the future and preparing young American speedway riders for international competition on a world-class level. Guidance and preparation for this is key, and I feel that my team and I can provide both."


Written by: Motorcyclist Staff on April 10 2012 1:59 PM

PICKERINGTON, Ohio — A carefully selected team of U.S. riders will take on the world's best up-and-coming speedway racers on Thursday, April 12, in Rivne, Ukraine, at the first round of the 2012 FIM Team Speedway Under 21 World Championships.

The U.S. riders include Ricky Wells, Yorba Linda, Calif.; Russell Green, Gardena, Calif.; Gino Manzares, Corona, Calif.; Michael Buman, Binghamton, N.Y.; Bryce Starks, Auburn, Calif.; Dylan Black, Hesperia, Calif.; and Brad Pappalardo, Corona, Calif.

"While the sport of speedway is still growing in the United States, this fast-paced spectacle on two-wheels is one of the most popular motorsports overseas," said AMA Director of Racing Joe Bromley. "The AMA is proud to be represented by this talented group of young riders who will face the world's toughest competition as they race for American honor."

After the opener in the Ukraine, the four-round series moves to Great Britain, Germany then Poland. The final will take place on Sept. 12 in Gniezno, Poland.

In 2011, the Russian team won the FIM Team Speedway Under 21 World Championship in its own Trud Stadium of Balakovo, Russia. Team Denmark finished second and Team Ukraine got third. The U.S. team did not qualify for the final in 2011.

Read more: http://blogs.motorcyclistonline.com/u-s-team-eyes-fim-team-speedway-under-21-world-championship-12983.html#ixzz1rk3oDIhd

World Team Cup Press Release

March 8, 2012

The AMA and its Advisory Board have made two key personnel appointments for the 2012 World Cup campaigns for both Senior and Under 21 teams.

Richard Child, who for many years has been a key leader for USA on the International scene, will be the FNM Delegate at both events and will represent the interests of the squads at the FIM level.

Steve Evans, who has worked tirelessly for many years on bringing new riders over to Europe, is our newly appointed Team Director.

Richard and Steve will have joint responsibility for operational team management issues during the meetings.

While matters of team selection and major project decisions are still by run the AMA and its committee, it was felt that these appointments, using the blend of vast experience and new fresh ideas, was the best way forward for both teams.

The Under 21 team goes to Rivine, Ukraine on April 21st to attempt to qualify for the semi-finals of their World Cup. The senior team race in Slovenia on May 5th in an attempt to make it the Monster Energy SWC Tournament that is televised live throughout Europe, which has not happen for five years.

hagonshocks hagonshocks@yahoo.com (March 8, 2012)

The U.S. Team has launched its 2012 campaign to chase the Speedway World Cup in Slovenia, beginning May 5. Organized by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and led by 1996 Speedway World Champion Billy Hamill, who will ride for the team, the effort is attracting widespread support from America's speedway elite.

"In addition to the exciting participation of Billy Hamill, we're pleased by the interest of reigning FIM Speedway World Champion Greg Hancock and European-based competitors Ryan Fisher, Ricky Wells and Kenny Ingalls," said AMA Director of Racing Joe Bromley. "Also, U.S. riders Josh Larsen, Chris Kerr and Tyson Burmeister have indicated interest in being a part of the U.S. Speedway World Cup effort. Clearly, with so much talent ready to race for American pride, we're excited about our prospects against the world's best."

Hamill won the world title in 1996 and is a five-time U.S. champion, the last title coming in 2007. He brings valuable Speedway World Cup experience, riding for U.S. team when it was victorious in 1990, 1992, 1993 and 1998. The U.S. riders also won the title in 1982.

The full U.S. team will be announced shortly.

The AMA's speedway advisory group is supporting and assisting with the World Cup team effort. The group includes Hamill, Larsen; Richard Child, Hancock's team manager; and promoters Steve Evans, Jason Bonsignore and Dave Joiner.

The Speedway World Cup has been contested since 1960. Relaunched under a new format in 2001, the event features multiple days of competition by a number of national teams, with four qualifying for the finals. The winner of the Speedway World Cup collects the Ove Fundin Trophy, named after the five-time world champion.

AMA Advisory Committee

The AMA has invited some key speedway people to form a new Advisory Committee. Its purpose is to make recommendations and assist the AMA in key projects for the benefit of American Speedway both domestically and on the International scene.

The Committee consists of six people - Dave Joiner, Richard Child, Billy Hamill, Josh Larsen, Jason Bonsignore and Steve Evans. It will be very hands on and active - each of the members brings unique skills to the table and the blend of experience, top riders and future visionaries is perfect. It is a brand new approach - it won't be a sit in the ivory tower, all words and no action group, but a team who will collectively be prepared to get busy and do a vast amount of work ahead.

The first two projects being worked on are expanding the AMA National Series and 2012 FIM Events. The International events are at the forefront right now as they are occurring in the Spring - the USA will be entering the World Team Cup, the Under 21 World Cup, and will have 2 riders in both the GP & Under 21 Individual Qualifying Rounds.

For the World Team Cup the intention is to track the best team we possibly can with the goal to win the qualifying round in Croatia on May 5th and make the Sky TV stage (July 7th in Poland).

There is also the serious possibility of a 3 match official test match series in the UK the weekend before to prepare the World Cup Squad. This would be USA Vs Great Britain Under 23 and would be the first official series in over 15 years.

The Under 21 team goes back to Ukraine on April 21st. To prepare the team, they will do 4 matches in the UK between April 10th and 15th. The touring team will be called the USA FUTURE (name courtesy of Billy Hamill!) and it will be to groom riders to be our Future World Cup Squad. As we need 5 riders for Ukraine there will be 2-3 spots on the 'Future' team for riders who are over 21 or even 15.

There will be a huge fund raising drive - factually the last time USA had a big World Team Cup push was 2006 and the fans got behind it in massive numbers, and we qualified, made the TV stages and came in 6th place. For this reason a 'Stars and Stripes Club' has been launched with five levels of membership so that any budget can help - and big, medium or small, ALL help is needed and appreciated. More on this in a separate message.

If you wish to have more info, or for younger riders, if you wish to partake in the Under 21 World Cup or USA Future team, please contact myself or one of the other committee members.

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net (January 31, 2012)

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