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The next Perris Speedway event after the Gumball is confirmed for March 8th at 1pm. The format will be as last time with all divisions present.

TheVictorville opener is the following saturday at 6pm. Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net

Gumball Rally

Just to let everyone know the info again:
Gumball Rally Feb 14-15th

*open practice Sat the 14th - 9-3pm
*Vet masters race - 6pm
*Awards and BBQ - 8pm
*Bubblegum blowing contest prelims during BBQ
*Gumball Rally Sunday the 15th - 1pm
*Bubblegum blowing championships during intermission

RV Parking Saturday and Sunday night (no hookups)

$10 per day spectator passes
$10 per day RV Parking
$20 to practice
$20 to race
$10 additional to race a 2nd class

*Races are available for sponsoring @ $50 per race
*Product sponsorships are also avail as all kids will get a gift bag

Race sponsorship $ can be brought to the track, or mailed to me at:
Kelly Inman
2222 Pacific Ave #A
Costa Mesa, Ca. 92627
Gumball Rally

Thank you in advance!
Kelly, Billy and Gene

Ventura Flat Track Schedule
Posted by: "Malcolm Roe" malcolmroe@wildblue.net
Date: Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:34 am (PST)

The Ventura schedule is out. It's way late and of course clashes with already scheduled races.

New Years Classic at Perris - 25 January 1pm

The annual New Years Classic race is ON! We will hold this event at Perris Raceway on January 25th at 1pm, the early start time is there so we can do it in relatively good weather. All Divisions are invited, including Sidecars, Juniors, PWs and Powder Puffs if the girls want to get some laps in pre-Gumball Rally. As far as a Division One Purse, this is completely dependent on the event itself covering its overhead. If the target overhead is covered, the excess, up to $1,000, will be thrown in as a purse. Riders signing up however do need to understand that this is an out of season event, purely being done by myself to answer the demand of riders who want a competitive skid. Only three of the five races at Perris in 2008 covered their overhead and the June race only did thanks to the 50 British tourists who came to be spectators; Perris as a venue is a great race track and it is especially good for the younger crowd as its the closest in size to a British track, but it also is a basic facility and is not a Professional Speedway facility. So, D1 riders, if you want a skid, sign up. If you need to make purse money, I understand but cannot promise it, but you folks know me by now, if I can, I will. So, get those entries in! We need 40 entries who show up to break even. It seems longer than the 8 weeks it has been since the last Victorville! So email or call to get on the show. I will be at the USA Speedway Awards Banquet on the 11th so you can see me in person. I would also appreciate if you could spread the word to your own contacts, friends, families and sponsors.

Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net

Victorville Opener Date Change

This event has been brought forward 1 week to March 14th so that the American Speedway Community does not have to miss any action if they choose to fly to England for the Billy Hamill Farewell race on March 22.
Start time will most likely be 6pm.


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